Chapter 10

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V.~

I shut the door behind me and turned the close sign and ran towards my car. It was a mustang!( I wish I can have a mustang, I really like these cars) I put my key in the door and unlocked the car. Everybody opens their doors and everybody gets in. Madi sat in the middle between Charley and Danny and Abby sat on Lewi's lap. She seemed happy about that and so did Lewi. I shut my door and put my key in the ignition and started the engine. I looked up and saw Jake sitting in the passenger seat next to me. Ugh! Jake is sitting right next to me while I am driving! Yes! I looked at my friends, they were already go. It took us about a minute to get to my house from the restaurant. The whole drive was silent so I turned on the radio and Ignition played. The boys started singing the song. Their voices were so beautiful especially Jake's. Through the rest of the drive, everybody started singing until we got to my house.

When we arrived, everybody got out. I unlocked the door and let them in. I warned them that it might be a little messy but it seemed pretty clean. I told them to make themselves at home. I went over to my movie rack and found some movies. Some of my movies were not that great. I walked over and showed them the movies I picked.

"Okay guys. I have Horrible Bosses, Last Vegas, The Mask, and Now You See Me. They looked through the movies and picked out Horrible Bosses. I walked over to the DVD player and put in the disc. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed any junk food and drinks that I could find. I grabbed Oreos, skittles, Cheetos, m&m's, Reese's, potato chips,Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. Jake came into the kitchen and saw all the junk food that I had scattered on the counters.

~ Jake's .P.O.V.~

I was so bored, so I walked into the kitchen and saw Karlye with a bunch of different types of junk food. There was a package of Oreos that haven't been opened, two or three bags of candy, two bags of chips, and two big bottles of Pepsi and Dr. Pepper.

"Wow Karlye! Do you have enough?" I asked messing around.

"I think I have enough! Did you boys need more!" She asked while searching for more food.

"Karlye, we don't need more food! We have enough! I think if I eat anymore I will throw up."

"Okay Jake! Come over here and help me! Please, please, pretty please!" She said giving me a puppy dog face. That was the same thing that I did to her at the restaurant when I got to meet her.

"Awww! But I don't wanna!" I said acting like a baby.

"Please my little baby!" She said while pinching my cheek and she looked at me and I looked at her and we looked into each other's eyes and started getting closer to each other, body to body, face to face, moving closer until she backed away and kissed my cheek and said, "Come on my little baby Jakey!" I can't believe she called me, My Little Baby Jakey! I can't believe I almost kissed her! I knew she was the one the moment I saw her.

"Okie dokie!" I said grabbing the chips and bottles of pop with Karlye right behind me.

~ Karlye's .P.O.V.~

Jake was so funny when he acted like a baby. I looked at him and pinched his cheek and then I looked at his gorgeous eyes and he looked at mine and we started moving closer to each other and closer until I could feel his breath on my neck. It felt like I didn't want to kiss him so I backed away and kissed his cheek. I don't know why I didn't want to kiss him but I wanted to so badly. "Come on my little baby Jakey!" We grabbed the food and walked into the living room and put the food and drinks on the coffee table.

"Did you buy out the store?" Lewi asked, joking around.

"Yeah right, I wish! If I had a million dollars to do that!" I said to Lewi and he started laughing.

"They all look so good!" Abby said, licking her lips.

"Grab whatever you want and make yourselves comfy because the movie is starting."

Lewi sat next to Abby, Danny sat next to Madi, Charley sat next to me since we got along so well at the restaurant and it seemed like we were becoming good friends and Jake came over and sat right next to me too. During the middle of the movie,my head started to get really heavy. Through the movie, I kept thinking about me and Jake almost kissing and why I backed away from almost an amazing kiss. My head started feeing more heavy and it started crapping, I looked at Jake and looked back at the movie. I really wanted to lay my head down on Jake's shoulder or him to put his arm around me and hold me close to him like couples do during movies but that wouldn't happen. My head started to feel a little heavy more so I laid my head down on something or someone. I turned and realized I was laying my head on Jake's shoulder. I quickly got my head up.

"I am so sorry Jake! I didn't mean to lay my head down on your shoulder." I said looking up at Jake.

"Don't be sorry Karlye! It is ok, I don't mind!" He said with a smile and then he got up and he grabbed my hand and intertwined it with his and took me outside.

"Jake why did you take me outside?" I asked.

"I wanted to tell you something." He said facing me. He suddenly pulled me closer to him and I looked up at him. His eyes looking straight at me made my heart melt. I didn't want to go back inside the house and watch the movie, I wanted to stay with Jake in his arms. He kept getting closer to me and I started moving closer, I was against his chest and he had his arms around my waist and I could feel his breath on my face and then he whispered something to me.

"Karlye, I've been wanting to tell you this from the moment I saw you. I like you a lot and I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" He asked, he looked nervous a little bit.

"Jake, I have to tell you something?"

"What?" He said with a confused look on his face.

"I never heard of your band before or your songs. I don't know anything about you at all. My friends told me your names. I didn't even know. When I saw you walk on stage with a smile on your face, I wanted to meet you but I forced myself not to. When you started singing Me and My Broken Heart, it made me melt and I couldn't help to dance to the song and I usually never dance. And I will never forget when I looked up and I was starring at you and you winked at me and it made me blush so much. I am glad that I got to know you and each of the boys. They are so sweet. I don't know why I backed away from the kiss that was in the kitchen. I wish it happened. And now I realize that I have the same feelings for you and I love you so much not because you are famous but because you are a kind, sweet, and caring person to me and I Love You My Baby Jakey!" And YES I WILL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" I said almost about to tear up.

"Karlye, it's okay if you didn't know who we were. I didn't know you either. When I saw you starring at me with your gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile and your crazy dancing I realized that you were the one for me. When I got to meet you and know you more, I know that you are kind, caring, and friendly girl and I am glad that we came here to Butte, Montana because if we never came here I would of never got to met you. I Love You So Much My Little Baby!"

He put his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer until I was against his chest and he suddenly closed the gap between us with his lips on mine.

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