Chapter 35

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"1...2...3...*snap!" The photographer says as he takes the picture. The boys are being represented in Gay Times Magazine which is very popular in England. Today's photography theme was summer! I was so excited because I simply love everything about summer...the feel of the sun against your skin, nice warm sandy beaches, a cool glass of lemonade, yum! Ah Summer!

Me, Abby, and Madison watched from the sides as our boyfriends were taking snapshots. I looked at Charley and flashed him a smile with a blew kiss in return. I would peak over Jake, he seemed pretty down lately. None of the boys know what's wrong with him and I'm kinda feeling worried.

"Karlye! Can you come over here quick please." Charley shouts. I quickly walk over to Charley's side and with a quick sweep of my feet, Charley picks me up bridal style. He places a set of sunglasses around my eyes. I smile and peck his cheek.

"1...2...3...*snap!" The photographer says and takes our picture. He takes a couple of me and just Charley. I simply loved taking pictures. Our last picture was of me and him kissing but we were both behind a summer beach umbrella, it was simply perfect.


"GOODNIGHT NEW YORK AND...WE ARE RIXTON!" Jake and the boys wave goodbye to their fans as they scream in excitement. Charley runs over and quickly kisses my lips and lets go to give me a hug. He places his arm over my shoulder and walks me over to the bus.

"Who wants to play Just Dance 2015 with me?" I ask. Everybody is mostly on their phones with social media, keeping up to date with fans like they usually do.

"Come on guys! Don't leave me and my broken heart broken up here without one less dance partner." I give a puppy face. I had enough! I grabbed each other their phones until their attention was all on me.

"Now that I finally got your attention, does anyone want to dance with me?" I ask with a smile. Everybody frowned.

"You always win Karlye!" Lewi blurts out.

"I promise I will go easy. Cross my heart." I say with smile and wiggle the Wii controller.

"Fine, I will go first." Danny chimes as he steps up and takes the Wii controller out of my hands. Danny picks Maps by Maroon 5. The game goes good as everyone watches. I quick twists and turns but I still managed to get ahead. Danny seemed frustrated for a second until he got the hang of the dance moves. Danny was close to catching up to me but I finally won.

"Karlye you promised." Lewi said as he grabbed the controller away from Danny who was already exhausted.

"But it was just only one win and Danny was so close to beating me. Come on Lewi!" I say with a puppy dog face. Lewi shrugs and walks up and picks the next song.

After four rounds of non stop dancing along with five winning streaks I couldn't be beaten. I even beat my own boyfriend even though Charley is like a pro at Just Dance than me. Proved him wrong. I was waiting for the next victim to come up. I took down Danny, Lewi, Madi, Abby, and Charley but not Jake.

"Oh no, Oh no! Your not getting me to play that game Karlye." Jake repeats backing off.

"Come on Jakey! Please! Just once." He glared but suddenly gave in to my ever so powerful puppy dog faces. Maybe this will finally cheer him up.

"Fine, how can I say no to that face." He says with a grin and grabs the controller. I jump up and down. Jake picks Me and My Broken Heart. I had a feeling he was going to pick that one.

The game was doing good. I was doing good and so was Jake like wow, didn't know that Jake was so good at Just Dance, I only thought Charley was pro but now I see is that I was wrong. at the end of the song, Jake beats me.

"I WON! I WON! I FINALLY BEAT LITTLE MRS. KARLYE!!!" Jake laughs in my face as I push him to the ground. I suddenly help him back up. I suddenly our faces are inches apart as we both smile at each other.

"Okay, okay, time for bed everyone! We got a busy schedule for us in Chicago." Charley replies as he says goodnight to everyone as he places his arm on my shoulder and leads me to his bedroom.

~Author's note~

Hello! Sorry for not updating for awhile which I promised. Sorry😔. I going to try to complete this story and decide whether I should write a sequel. Do you think I should if I finish? Please keep voting, commenting and reading😊 Love You All❤️ Goodnight😴

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