Chapter 39

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~{Charley's .P.O.V.}~
~Flashback, Back at his house in Manchester, England~

"Good morning love!"

"Good morning beautiful!" I kissed my childhood friend Danielle.

"Would you like me to make you some nice hot tea?" She asked, she got up from the bed with one of the bed sheets covering her naked body as she grabbed her robe and placed it over her shoulders and finished it off with a quick knot. She pecked my lips one last time before she disappeared down the stairs. I got out of bed with a quick stretch and made my way to the bathroom. I turned on the water. I didn't have to strip out of my clothes because I didn't have any on to start with. I stepped in, the warm water trickles down my back. I grab my shampoo and wash my messy hair. I grab some conditioner and touch up my hair. I grab the soap and wash my body. I turn off the water. I grab a towel from the rack and wrap it around my torso. I step out of the bathroom and into the closest and grab a fresh pair of clothes. I get dressed in my plain white T and black skinny jeans. I spoof up my hair with two or three cans of hair spray. Nothing like a man and his handy dandy hair spray to get the job done.

I walk back out and see my phone ringing on Danielle's night stand. I pick it up as I sit back down on the bed. I turn it on and see 30 messages and 5 voicemails. 9 messages from Jake, 8 from Danny, 3 from Lewi and 10 from...Karlye! Oh Karlye! I checked through the messages...

Jake: How could you mate? Why? Why?!

Jake: Why would you do this to Karlye? Your own girlfriend!

I look at the picture that Jake sent me with tears in my eyes. It was a picture of me and Danielle together, doing everything, hugging, kissing, holding hands, everything me and Karlye would do. How did he get these pictures and how did they get out?

Jake: I can't believe you Charley!!! Your such a d*ck for cheating on the only girl you care about the most.

I broke down, I brushed my hand through my hair. I checked my girlfriend's messages.

Karlye: Hi Charley it's me! I miss you so so so so much! When are you getting back? I hope you get back before my birthday so we can celebrate together and watch the fireworks under the moonlight. Hurry back soon my love.xxxx

Karlye: Hi Charley It's me again, your princess! Just wanted to check up on you see how your doing! Love You, Miss you! Xxxx

Karlye: Hi Charley is everything okay?
You haven't been checking up for while. You don't answer my calls. Is everything alright Charley? Did I do something wrong because if I did you can tell me. Just know that I love you so much forever and always. Miss You Charley.xxxx

What have done?! I cried into my hands, feeling disgusted of myself for doing this to the one I love, the one who completes me and makes me who I am today, she's perfect and I can't lose her over something stupid that I regret. I grab my suitcase and grab all my things. I walk down the stairs with the suitcase in my hands.

"Where are you going love?" Danielle asked as she set her mug down with a fresh pot of tea and sugar.

"Danielle, I have to go! Everything I have done with you I should of never done! I'm sorry Danielle, your beautiful woman and I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore but I have to get back to my girlfriend back in America."

"Charley why would I not be your friend anymore? I love you Charley and I forever will just promise me you will never forget." She kisses my cheek.

"I won't, bye Danielle!" With that, I closed the door with the suitcases in my hands as I made my way out the door and called a taxi.

I went to the airport, ordered a ticket to Butte, Montana and got on flight 101. I got on the flight and sat by a window. I was ready to see my Karlye again, I will be back soon my love. With that, the plane took off.

~{Author's Note}~

IMPORTANT!!!! Three more chapters left until the finale!!!!! I'm excited and sad but excited again!!!! Going to bed! Goodnight! READ, VOTE, COMMENT!!! LOVE YOU ALL❤️☺️✨😊

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