Chapter 41

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~{Karlye's .P.O.V.}~

Two weeks have passed since my birthday. We all left Montana and headed back on tour with Ariana Grande. I'm so happy to have Charley back in my arms. I was afraid he cheated on me or did something with another girl while he was in Manchester. That's funny, Charley would never cheat on me, he's the most sweetest and kindest person I have ever known, he wouldn't hurt me if he tried. I don't know about Jake? Maybe I have feelings for Jake that I didn't know that I still have? I have Charley, why should I fall in love with Jake when I have him?

"I will be right back my love." Charley kisses my lips and walks out of the room. Charley left his phone on the bed. Should I take a peak or leave it alone? I look at the phone. No Karlye! Yes Karlye! No! Yes! No! Yes! Noooooooo! Yesssssssss! It won't be right! Maybe it will! (Do you know in those TV shows where you see the angel on your left and the devil on the right chooses your sides this is Karlye right now.) Charley is going to hate me for this. I pick up the phone, being the curious girl that I am, I scroll through Charley's contacts. I find the pictures and scroll through everyone. Awe, he still has pictures of me and him. Awe he's so cute! Best boyfriend ever! I swear, there were more pictures of me then there was of anyone else. Oh! What is this! WHAT THE H*LL! OH MY GOD! WHO THE H*LL IS THIS SL*T KISSING MY CHARLEY!!! Suddenly the bar glows on the top screen. Danielle? Who the h*ll is Danielle?

"Hey babe, Are you going to ditch the b*tch any sooner and come back to Manchester? I will see you tonight babe and we can continue where we left off;)"

That B*tch! Who the h*ll does she think she is! I chucked the phone at the wall and screamed as tears fell from my eyes.

"Karlye what's wrong?" Lewi asked. I pushed past him, I ran in my room, slammed the door, ran to my bed and cried and cried.



What happened last night? Why is there blood on the floor? Why is there blood on me? What happened?!?!?!


"Are you okay Karlye? You didn't seem to be yourself last night?" Abby asks as she takes a bite out her hamburger.

"Yes I'm fine guys, I promise." I laugh and take a sip of my Dr. Pepper.

"If you say so?" Madi shrugs. "Do you want to hit Rue21 before the mall closes?" Madi says, starting to get out her seat and began walking to the trash disposal.

"Sure!" I smile as I get out my chair and throw away my trash. I don't know if I was fine or not? Last night I wasn't quite sure what happened? The last minute once I woke was the feel of blood all over the floor and me and I didn't seem to remember what I did or saw last night?


"What about this dress?"

"What about this one?"

"God Madi, can you just pick one already!" I look at Madi at and begin to laugh.

"What about this one Karlye?" Abby walks out of the dress room wearing an orange sundress.

"Orange is definitely your color." Abby smiles and walks back into the changing room.

"I'll be right back girls, I need to go to the bathroom." With that, I left Rue21 and went in search for the nearest bathroom.

"I love you Charley Bagnall!" Who said that and I know it wasn't me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw none other than my boyfriend sucking on the face of another girl, her hands all over him and he didn't even seem to care. I walked over to him and tapped his shoulder, turning his attention away from the sl*t.

"Hey Karlye. Oh Karlye! Sh*t! I-It's not what it looks like Karlye!" Charley pleads, taking my hands in his.

"F*ck You Bagnall!" I yelled with tears running down my cheeks. I looked at my smoothie and dumped it down Charley. "That's what you get Bastard! We Are Threw!" I yelled.

"But Karlye!" Charley pleaded, running after me with the smoothie still running down his back.

"NEVER TALK TO ME BECAUSE WE ARE THEW!!!" With that, I run out of the mall, leaving Madi and Abby at Rue21 as I run back to the tour bus with my broken heart.

~{Jake's .P.O.V.}~
~In the tour bus~

I'm going to do it! I'm going to tell Karlye the truth about Charley! She needs to know and I don't care what happens after that!

I walk up to Karlye's room. I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna do it! *sobbing* I hear crying on the other side of the door. I slowly turn the knob and open the door. I look at Karlye with mascara running down her eyes from the constant crying.

"Leave me alone Jake!" She cries. I didn't want to listen. I walked up to her, I sat on her bed, I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her close to my chest, I even stroked her hair to get her to calm down.


"Shhhhhh Karlye."I whisper to her as I look at her and wipe her tears from under her eyes.

"Oh Jake, I-I thought?"

"You thought what Karlye?" I asked her.

"I- I thought Charley loved me but now I see it was just a lie. He never loved me l-like?"

"Like who Karlye?" I ask as she looks at me, I take her hands in mine and look at her.

"L-Like y-you Jake! Oh Jake, how can I be so stupid?!" Karlye cried as she kneeled her hands in her face with tears running through her fingers into the floor.

"You aren't stupid Karlye." I retaliate back.

"Y-Yes I am! I'm so stupid because I didn't see what I have right in front of me and that's you!"

"I wonder if you knew how many times I thought about you, how many nights I've stayed awake thinking about you, how many times I've sat there and cried about you... I wonder if you knew how much I loved you..." I look at Karlye with tears in my eyes. She looks at me and I look at her as we both break down crying in our own tears. Everything was silent and all of sudden she leans in and presses our lips together in a passionate kiss, her hands press to my face as she deepens the kiss, my hands tangle in her auburn brown hair. I look at her as we slowly pull away.

"W-Why Did you kiss me?"

"Because, I Love You Jake Roche! I Have Always Loved You! You have no idea how much it kills me inside every f*cking time we talk. For a single moment I want to feel like the universe isn't about to crush me and my heart isn't about to explode. I would kiss you and tell you I love you and ask you please not to go." Karlye says to me with tears in her eyes. Feeling such a d*ckhead for leaving her.

"I'll never leave you Karlye, Never Again!" With that, I run into her arms and kiss her passionately with every force I have inside of me, my hands on either side of her face as I caress her red blushed cheeks. I look at her and smile and I remember when I first met her and the strategies and memories we have faced and experienced together during our past few years. Now I'm so lucky to say that I have Karlye back in my arms again and I can't wait to see what life throws in our way next!

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