Chapter 40

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~{Karlye's .P.O.V.}~
~Continued, arriving in Butte, end of flashback~

"Surprise Sweetheart!!! Happy Birthday!" Tears were falling as I ran to my mother and father with open arms as I embraced them.

"What? H-How?" I asked, feeling confused. My dad pointed over to the three boys but just to Jake who was scratching the back of his neck with a smile. I ran over to him.

"Oh Jake, you did this, for me?" I say as tears fall down from cheeks, staining his white shirt. He gently pressed his thumb under my eyes and wiped my falling tears.

"Yes love." He blushed. I embraced him. I kissed his cheek and ran back to my mother and father.

~{At the Fourth of July Parade}~

"Oh my gosh Karlye, look at Olaf, can I meet him, can I meet him, pleasssse!" My little cousin asked as she pulled on my hand, struggling to pull me off the sidewalk to see the little stuffed snowman.

"Hold on Katie just let me get my glasses." I grabbed my sun glasses and walked over to Jake who was carrying Emma on his lap as they watched the floats pass by. "Emma sweetie, do you want to see Olaf with me?" I asked her.

"I rather stay with Uncle Jake." Emma says with a cute little smile, the color of her freckles bringing out the glow of her smile. She holds on to Jake as he squeezes her tightly in his arms. I look at Jake and stick my tongue out and grab Katie's hand in mine and help her cross the street to meet her favorite snowman.


"Would you like some help dad?" I asked, he was at the grill frying up some hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner.

"Would you help me set up the table." Dad asked as he flipped another patty onto the grill. The aroma from the hotdogs caused my mouth to water. I nodded my head and kissed his cheek. I grabbed a stack of paper plates, forks, knives, spoons and napkins.

"Would you like some help love?" I screamed and dropped the mustard and ketchup.

"Jake! You scared me." We both laughed. I knelt down and grabbed the mustard and ketchup and set them on the table.

"Hey Karlye, you got something right there." Jake pointed his finger to my shirt. I followed his finger down to the hem of my shirt.

"Where?" I asked. Jake let out a giggle.

"Right here!" All of sudden, Jake squirted drops of ketchup all over my shirt. He burst out laughing and I couldn't help but join in as well.

"You're going to get it Roche!" I looked at Jake and grabbed the mustard with a smirk.

"Not as long as you catch me first." Jake took off like a rocket before I could get a chance to squirt him back. He dodged sprinklers, water balloons and even Lewi's deadly water gun fights.

Jake stopped at the end of the fence, he was trapped.

"You're trapped Roche!" I say with a smirk as I get ready to squirt him with the mustard.

"It believes I am, oh no, what am I gonna do know?" I get ready to squirt thinking Jake has no where to go now. Suddenly, Jake squirts me with the ketchup. I squirt him with the mustard, condiments flying everywhere.

"What the heck are you two doing?" My dad asked as he eyed the mess.

"Um?" Was all I can say.

"All I asked was to fix the table but no you have to go have a mustard and ketchup fight with Jake. Go upstairs and get cleaned up!" I look at Jake and race him into the house. We make it upstairs to my bedroom. I throw him one of my dad's shirts. I go into my closest and grab a light blue tank top with white polka dots. I rip off my shirt, at least my bikini is under it. I walk out and watch Jake as he pulls off the shirt over his head and throws it on the bed revealing the abs forming on his abdomen and back, my mouth was beginning to drool.

"Karlye? Karlye?" Jake turns and snaps his fingers in front of my face.


"You are drooling love." I feel the drool as it hits the floor. I blush and quickly whip the spit off my bottom lip.

"D-do you want to go back out?" I ask Jake feeling quite flustered about myself.

"Sure!" Jake smiles. I walk out the door with Jake close behind me.


~{Jake's .P.O.V.}~

We sit just below the Big M and watch each firework shoot out of the mountain in a ray of colors. Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Gold. It was beautiful but not as beautiful as Karlye. I simply watch her as she nudges my shoulder in excitement as we watch the fireworks together. As the fireworks continue to fire off one round after the other, I lay on the blanket with Karlye and desperately inch my hand closer to hers. She points to each firework as I continue to slide my hand closer to hers. I brush my finger tips against her knuckles and instantly intertwine our hands together. Karlye looks at me and looks down at our hands. She looks back up and smiles. What should I do now? Should I tell her that I still love her or should I just go out and kiss her already? I look at her eyes. I place my hand on her cheek and brush a single strand of hair away from her eyes. I look into her beautiful hazel eyes and slowly lean in. She does the same thing. Our eyes beginning to close. We're we really going to kiss?

All of sudden, !*Boom*! A big firework goes off and suddenly hundreds start going off. Karlye quickly pulls away and takes her attention back on the fireworks as I sit and wallow.

After the finale was over, it was finally my chance to talk to Karlye alone. No distractions, no people, just me and her. I walk over to Karlye and pull her to my side. I pull her by a tree and hold her hands in mine.

"Karlye I need to tell you something." I begin to sweat as a huge imaginary lump forms in the bottom of my throat. Should I really confess and tell her the truth?

"Oh Jake, I need to tell you something?" Karlye says as she begins to cry. I hold her in my arms and stroke her head.

"What Karlye, you can tell me."

"I-I-I miss Charley!" Really! Really! What the heck! I was expecting, I love you too Jake but no, I get "I miss Charley" instead of "I love you Jake" or "I miss you Jake" but no I get Charley instead! You know what Karlye, Charley cheated on you! Charley f*cking Bagnall cheated on you!

"O-oh I'm sorry Karlye, I promise Charley will be back."

"Are you sure?" Karlye asks.

"I know he will." I say with a smile. I brush my thumb against her cheek and wipe her tears as I look into her eyes. I begin to slowly lean in.


"Charley!" Karlye pushes me away and runs into Charley's arms. I watch as he spins her around and passionately kisses her.

"Happy Birthday beautiful!" Charley says as he plants another passionate kiss on Karlye's lips. I look at the happy couple and walk back to the bus with tears in my eyes. Happy Birthday Karlye.

~{Author's Note}~

Oh My Gosh! How long? I'm so sorry! Sorry for the long update! I have been writing other stories and finishing one up as well. I have been sick and I feel so awful. I'm so sorry everyone! I'm horrible! Bad! I promised you a finished story and I will!

It's almost done! ONE MORE CHAPTER LEFT!!! Who's Excited?? I know I am!!!! I will be gone on Saturday because I'm going to be camping with my best friend and I won't be back until next week. Once I get back I promise I will publish the last chapter. Heads up! I'm writing a Charley Bagnall Fanfiction called Beautiful Excuses. It will be open to public after Let Me Love You is finished. Just a heads up!


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