Chapter 8

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V. ~

It was 11 o'clock and everybody left and Rixton was the only ones here.

"Abby and Madi come out here! RIGHT NOW! I got a surprise for you!"

"Okay, we are coming out!" Madi said.

~Madi and Abby stepped out of the doors and were shocked to see only Rixton.~

"OH...MY...GOSH! Rixton is here! OH MY GOSH! Karlye, why?" Madi and Abby both asked.

"Well... I wanted to surprise you! Hunter doesn't know anything about this and I know how much you love and know mostly everything about them and then there's me that doesn't know anything about them?" I said laughing and giving them each a hug.

"Thank You So Much Karlye!" they both screamed.

"Go up to them!"

"What happens if me and Abby mess up and they don't like us?" Madi asked, freaking out.

"Madi be quiet! They will to like you and Abby! They are so sweet, they wouldn't say no to both of you! Come on!" We all walked towards the four boys.

"Hi boys! I wanted you to meet my two best friends, Abby Bryan and Madi Wahlberg!" I introduced each of them.

The boys walked over to Abby and Madi and gave them each a hand shake and introduced themselves. Abby and Madi were so excited to finally get to meet Rixton! Abby has a huge crush on Lewi and she never stops talking about him! Same with Madi! She has a huge crush on Danny and she also doesn't stop talking about them! Ugh! As I turned around, I think I saw Lewi give his phone number to Abby and I think Danny also exchanged his number to Madi! Awwwww! As I was watching my friends take selfies with the boys, I noticed that Jake was walking towards me!

"Hi Jake! Did you like my friends? They are kinda weird! Well, I really wanted to surprise them with this because they love you guys so much and they mostly know everything about you guys except for me which I don't know anything." I said as I was facing Jake.

"Hi Karlye! I did like your friends, I thought they were very interesting. I am glad that you did that for your friends, that is a really sweet thing that you did. Did you notice that I saw Lewi give Abby his phone number and Danny gave his to Madi." He said giving a fake shook expression.

"I did notice that as well, haha! And did you know that they always had a crush on them. Abby would always talk about Lewi all the time and Madi would always talk about Danny and they would always talked about it to me!" I said whining to Jake.

"Aw, my poor baby!" Jake says as he immediately embraced me in his arms and starts stroking my hair.

"Stop it!" I say playfully, pushing Jake's hands away.

"Okay, my little baby." He said, he was pinching my cheeks on my face causing me to blush when he stopped. As turned, I saw Charley, Madi, Abby, Lewi and Danny walking over towards us.

"Hi Karlye and Jake! What are you two talking about? Huh!" Lewi asked, raising an eyebrow at Jake and me.

"We were just talking about what you boys are going to do after this?" I reply back to Lewi with a smile.

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