Chapter 24

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V.- getting ready for the concert~

We were in the Rodgers Arena in Toronto, Canada. I never been to Canada before and I was really excited. Me, Madi and Abby stayed in the Rodgers Arena and watched the boys practicing. They sounded really good as always.

I walked outside and there was tons of fans outside. They were screaming and yelling. They were holding tons of signs that looked really cool that were for the boys. All of sudden, the guard let the fans come into the Arena and they all started running in. I ran back where the boys and my friends were at before I got lost in the crowd of fans.

"Hey guys! All your fans are coming inside! There are a lot!" I said. I watched Madi and Abby follow Lewi, Charley and Danny to their dressing room. Jake walked over to me and grabbed my hand and took me into his dressing room with the boys and Abby and Madi.

When we got inside, I sat down on a couch that was inside the dressing room. It seemed pretty big inside. Jake came over and sat down next to me. While we were waiting for the concert to start, Jake started telling me jokes that made me laugh so much. I turned on my iPod and started playing music that was on my playlist. Classic by MKTO came on and the boys and Abby and Madi started singing. I started singing also.

Your over my head

I'm out of my mind

Thinking I was born in the wrong time

One of a kind, living in a world gone plastic

Baby you're so classic

When the song was over, everybody started staring at me and smiling.

"You have a beautiful voice Karlye." Jake said and gave me a kiss.

"Lads, we have to go on stage!" Lewi said.

Jake walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and followed the boys on stage. I was in the room and I followed Madi and Abby out of the room and went out to watch the boys.

~ Jake's .P.O.V.~

When we got on stage, all our fans who came to see us were all screaming and yelling. It looked like there was hundreds of fans in the Arena. Helloooooo, TORONTO, CANADA!!! Everybody started cheering. WE ARE RIXTON!!! Our fans started cheering louder. I looked at the lads.

"Ready boys! Let's crush this!" I said

We started off with a couple of our covers like You knew I was trouble, Wake Me Up and My Love. We started playing Me and My Broken Heart, Wait On Me, Hotel Ceiling, and We all want the Same Thing.

After we finished singing We All Want the Same Thing, I looked around for Karlye and I found her in the front with Madi and Abby screaming our names. I looked at Karlye.

"We are going to sing Appreciated to three very special girls in our lives." I said and everybody started screaming.

"This song goes to those three girls over their, Madi Wahlberg, Abby Bryan who are dating my two mates,Mr. Lewi Morgan and Mr. Danny Wilkin and the love of my life who has always been there for me and always brings a smile to my face whenever she's around, my girlfriend, Karlye Renner." I said and started singing the song.

Why don't you wait here while I borrow

Something you said, dear you should follow

Ohhh Ohhh

If they just stay age til' tomorrow

Then that's okay

Hate's only sorrow

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