Chapter 13

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V.~

As I was sleeping, I felt warm arms wrap around my body. I looked up and saw Jake sleeping. He looked so cute with his eyes closed and his cute little snore when he opens his mouth. I can just stay here all day and watch Jake sleep with his arms wrapped around me. I looked at him and tried to get up. I tried not to wake him up. I moved his arms away and got up. I put the blanket on him and went to the bathroom and then downstairs. I saw Danny and Madi sleeping on the floor together. They looked so cute. I looked at Lewi and Abby sleeping on the couch and I looked at Charley. They all looked cute sleeping.

I walked into the kitchen quietly trying not to wake them up. I thought about making scrabbled eggs and toast. I opened the fridge and grabbed the egg carton and butter for the toast. I grabbed my pan and placed it on the stove. I turned on the stove and waited for the pan to warm up. When the pan warmed up, I took two eggs and cracked them onto the pan. I took my spatula and started scrabbling them. I put some pepper and salt on the eggs. It started to smell so good. When I finished the first scrabbled eggs, I cracked two more eggs onto the pan. As I was scrabbling the eggs, I felt two hands on my waist and was kissing me on my cheek and I knew it was Jake.

"Hi Sleepyhead! Good morning!" I kissed Jake on the cheek.

"I made you guys some breakfast! Do you want some scrabbled eggs and toast?"

"I would love some scrabbled eggs and toast! Would you like me to help you my love?"

"I would love that a lot! Can you grab some bread and place it in the toaster."

"Yes my majesty!"Jake bowed down and I started laughing and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jake went over to the toaster with bread in his hands and placed them in one by one in the toaster. I finished scrabbling the last of the two eggs and put the scrabbled eggs into a bowl with a spoon. Jake put the toast on a plate and he also grabbed some jam. We walked over to the table and placed the food and I grabbed some plates and silverware and put them on the table. I looked up and saw everybody awake.

"Come on guys! I have some scrabbled eggs and toast ready." I said and they all came up to the table and grabbed their plates and put the scrabbled eggs on and grabbed some toast.

"Yummy!" They all say. I felt pleased that they liked my cooking.

"This is really good!" Danny says with a mouthful of eggs.

"This is delicious!" says Madi, Abby, and Charley.

"Can I have some more?" Lewi says, holding his plate out for more. I took the spoon and put some more scrabbled eggs on his plate. I was so happy that they liked it. After everybody was done eating, it started getting quiet and nobody was talking so it felt awkward just starring at everybody, so I ended the awkwardness.

"What are you boys going to do today?" I asked, looking at Jake, Charley, Danny, and Lewi.

"We were going to go to our bus and..." Jake said and then I cut him off.

"NO! YOU CAN NOT GO! PLEASE DON'T GO BACK ON TOUR! STAY HERE!" I said, yelling at the top of my lungs and then Jake cut me off.

"Karlye, we are not going on our tour just yet, I was going to say that we are going on our bus and are going to our hotel and dropping off our bags their because we are performing two more concerts here in Butte and I don't want to leave my girl just yet." He walked over and kissed me. I bet everybody was starring at us but I didn't care. He pulled away and we both looked at everybody. They all were surprised except for Madi and Danny since they already knew.


"Are you both dating?" she asked.

"Yes!" I said and Abby ran over to me and gave me a hug.

"Get some!" Lewi says, trying to be funny. I walked over to him and punched him in the arm. I knew he was joking around but he deserved it.

"Very funny you are Lewi and what about you and Abby? Huh!" I asked looking at Lewi still rubbing his soar arm from the punch I gave him.

"Well um... Me and Abby are also dating!" Lewi says, walking over to Abby and kissing her on the lips.

"I realized how much I love this girl and I want to be with her forever and nothing can break us apart." Lewi said still hugging Abby. I gave them a hug and so did Jake, Charley, Madi, and Danny. I saw Charley and looked at him. He looked sad because he didn't have anybody to love. I felt so bad, so I walked over to my best guy friend and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Charley asked.

"Can't a friend give her friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek or is that not allowed." I said laughing with Charley and he gave me a hug back. Jake walked over to us and took my hand.

~ Jake's .P.O.V.~

I saw Karlye hugging Charley and so I walked over to them. I wasn't jealous that Charley was hugging my girlfriend but I wanted to tell Karlye something. I walked up to them and I asked Charley if I could take Karlye and talk to her. He said okay. I took Karlye's hand and we walked into the kitchen.

"Karlye, I was wondering if you want to go on our first date even though we didn't have one even though I asked you to be my girlfriend." I said holding her hands.

"I would love to go on a date with you Jake! Even though you asked me to be your girlfriend yesterday and we never went out on a date like two people do before they ask them to be their girlfriend, I would love to go on our first official date." Karlye said all excitedly.

"I will pick you up at 8 o'clock and wear something nice because I am taking you out somewhere nice on our first official date."

"No Jake! You don't have to take me anywhere fancy! It's alright we can have our date at a bar or go on a movie date?"

"Karlye they all sound like pretty good ideas but I want to take you somewhere nice on our first date. PLEASE LOVE! ME AND MY BROKEN HEART DON'T WANT TO BE BROKEN." I gave her my cutest puppy dog face which she couldn't say no to.

"Alright Jake! I can never say no to that face. I will go on a nice dinner with you but I get to choose the next date. Deal!" She said and took out her hand and I pulled her and said, "Does this answer it!" and I kissed her.

She pulled back.

"No, it doesn't answer my deal! Alright, maybe it does." She said and she pulled me back into the kiss. After standing in the kitchen making out, Danny walked in in us.

"Oh My Gosh! You walked in to me and Madi making out and now I see you and Karlye making out in the kitchen. Gross! Tis, tis, tis!" Danny said looking at Karlye and me. Karlye and I both started blushing from the kiss and Danny catching us.

"I am glad that was over. I can't wait to tell Madi what you two did! Jake we have to go on the bus and head over to our hotel and drop off our stuff. Danny said and I hurried down the stairs with Karlye behind me.

"Let's go Mates!" Danny said to me, Charley and Lewi. We gave Abby and Madi a hug and we all walked over to Karlye and gave her a hug too but I gave her a kiss. Lewi and Danny kissed their girlfriends goodbye and told them they will come back. I saw Karlye give Charley a kiss and a hug. Her and Charley seem to be really good friends. After all the hugging, Lewi, Charley, and Danny walked outside on to the bus and I was outside with Karlye.

"I am coming to pick you up at 8 o'clock. Okay!" I said looking at Karlye.

"Okay, I will find something nice and will wait for you until you come." she said and gave me a hug and I gave her a kiss and I walked onto the bus and we drove off.

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