Chapter 29

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V.~

Ever since that kiss that me and Charley shared in his dressing room in Denver, Colorado we haven't stopped seeing each other. I want to tell Jake what happened but I am afraid that he will take it out on Charley or me. I love Jake so much and I also feel the same way for Charley but I don't know who to be with maybe I need some time to be with my two best friends, Madi and Abby and I haven't got to be around Jake either because he has been in interviews and practicing and not spending time with me. I feel like I need to be with my friends and I haven't talked to them or hanged out with them since I spend most of my time with Jake and now Charley and Madi and Abby have been spending time with their boyfriends. I need my friends to talk to.


I woke up from my nap, I got up and I got out of mine and Jake's room. I walked out and tried to find Madi and Abby. I walked into Danny's room first but Madi and him weren't there, then I walked to Lewi's room but Abby and him weren't there also. I walked by Charley's room and I saw him on his bed with his laptop. Then I walked to the kitchen and found a note from Jake, Lewi, Danny, Madi and Abby.

Dear KarKar ( this is me Lewi),

Hi sweetheart! ( me, your loving boyfriend Jake) If your reading this, we left to go grab some things at the store for us. I didn't want to wake you up from your nap so I let you rest. I Love You, I mean We Love You! I will be back soon. Bye love!

I just love that dork! Okay, they left to go to the store and they will be right back. What am I going to do now! I sat on the couch. I started getting bored so I walked over to my room to grab my phone. I walked passed Charley's room and I didn't see him in their. I walked in their trying to look for him. All of a sudden, I felt two hands around my waist and warm lips on my cheek. Then Charley spun me around to face him and he closed his door. He pushed me closer to him and I could feel his breath against my face and he started kissing me. We both sat down on his bed kissing. The kiss was so passionate and yet it started getting intense. He had his left hand on my face and his other hand was on my lap. I had my hands on his chest. He pushed me more and more closer to him. He started moving his tongue asking for entrance and I let him. He broke apart and stared at me while I was panting and I stared at him and he started smiling at me. He kissed down to my neck. I moved my hands to his hair. He started nibbling my neck and it started to hurt.

"Ouch, Charley!" I said before I started to moan.

"Sorry babe, I promise I won't hurt you but I might brake that promise." He said with a wink and kept on kissing my neck until he got me to moan.

"Char, I hate, hate you!" I said.

He stopped kissing my neck and went back up to kissing my lips.

~ Jake's .P.O.V.~

I left the guys at the store early and went back to see my love and spend some more time with her because I haven't got to spend some alone time with her even though my time has been on interviews and practicing. I love her so much and I want to make it up to her. I went over to a flower shop and got her a small bouquet of roses, her favorite flowers and I one of her favorite childhood movies, Alice in Wonderland. She told me that Alice in Wonderland was one of her favorite childhood movies growing up. I drove back to the tour bus. I got inside and went into my room and I didn't see Karlye in there sleeping. I walked to Danny and Lewi's rooms but she wasn't there either. Then I walked to Charley's and saw that the door was closed. I opened the door and saw Charley kissing Karlye.

~ Karlye's .P.O.V.~

I broke apart from Charley and saw Jake standing by the door with red roses in his hand and a movie in the other. He dropped the roses and the movie. He ran over to Charley and started fighting him.

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