Chapter 26

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~At 10 o'clock in the morning, Jake's .P.O.V.~

Everybody was up and I was starving. I went into my room and changed out of my clothes and got dressed. I came back out and everybody was watching TV.

"Hey mates, we should all go to Starbucks and get some coffees for breakfast. I am starving!" I said.

"I would love to go to Starbucks!" Karlye replied.

I grabbed my keys and we all got into the van that we rented and Lewi sat
in the front seat with me and Karlye sat between Charley and Abby. I looked at Lewi and gave him a glare.

"Lewi mate, why are you sitting up front with me? I saved the seat for my girlfriend." I whispered to Lewi so the others couldn't hear our conversation.

"Why can't a friend sit by their best friend?" Lewi said.

"Fine you can sit here but when we leave Starbucks, Karlye is sitting with me." I turned on the car and I drove off to Starbucks.

We were at Starbucks and I ordered a French vanilla latte with a blueberry muffin and Karlye ordered a Moche latte and I shared the muffin with her. Everybody got their things and we drove back home and finished our drinks.


It was 1 o'clock and everybody was getting ready to leave for their site seeing around Toronto.

"I hope you all have fun!" I told the lads and Abby and Madi.

"Bye!" Everybody said and they all left.

Now I was ready to take Karlye on a romantic date. I had everything planned out. I was going to take her to a really nice park and I also had a nice picnic waiting for the two of us and the weather was going to be perfect and nice and not crappy. It was going to be the best romantic dinner ever!

I went into my room and changed into one of my nice shirts and pants. I came back out and sat down on the couch watching TV and then Karlye came out and sat down next to me.

"Where is everybody?" Karlye asked.

"They all went site seeing." I told her and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

"Why didn't we go with them?"

"Because I wanted to do something special with my girlfriend. Just me and you love!" I grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"Should I change into something nice?"

"No, those clothes that you are wearing are perfect on you. No need to change." She smiled at me and kissed my check. I took her hand and we walked to one of the extra cars.

It was 4 o'clock pm and we finally got to the park. Karlye seemed excited to go the park. The park was really pretty and it had different kinds of beautiful flowers planted and they kept the park well cleaned and they treated it respectfully and nothing was damaged or graffitied on.

Karlye grabbed my hand and she dragged me over to the swings. They only had two swings. Karlye sat down on one of the swings and looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Jakey would you please push me!" She asked with cute puppy dog eyes that I couldn't resist. I grabbed her swing and pushed her. She started laughing and saying faster and yeah like a little girl. I just kept smiling and pushed her again on the swing.

I walked over to the other swing and sat down, pushing my legs up and down, swinging trying to be equal with Karlye while she was still swinging. Once I started swinging, I grabbed her hand and we started swinging together until we couldn't swing no more. After we were done swinging, she ran over to a slide and started sliding down it. I ran up behind her when she was sitting down on the slide and I pushed her down. As I sat down on the slide, I didn't know Karlye was behind me and she pushed and I grabbed her hand and she went down the slide with me. I got up and she jumped on me from behind and I gave her a piggy back ride. I took her over to merry-go-round and she sat down in the middle and I started spinning and spinning it faster. She kept on saying Yeah like a little kid again. When I was done spinning her, she got off and I got on and she started spinning me like I did. I had so much fun that I started saying yeah like a little kid. Haha! We both felt like we were little kids again.

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