Chapter 38

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~{Jake's .P.O.V.}~
~listening to Karlye sing in the shower from the other side of the door~

Karlye: You should know
That I love you a lot
But I just can't date a dude with a vag

When we fell in love
You made my heart drop
And you had me thinking 'bout you nonstop
But you cry 'bout this and whine about that
When you grow a pear
You can call me back

Yeah I think you're hot
I think you're alright
But you're acting like a chick all the time
You were cool and now you're not just like that
When you grow a pear
You can call me back

When I first met you
Panties droppin'
Every time I saw you it was on and
One day you asked if we can just talk and
That's the reason why I'm walkin'
If I am honest I'm just not hooked on your phonics
I'm not tryin' to be rude or crude
I just want one thing from you
And you got confused

I here a couple of bottles fall and slam on to the ground and she curses and out of her a loud "Sh*t!" Man her voice, it's perfect just like her. I couldn't stop but listen to her sing. She always sings in the shower, it always seems to help her which is weird.

"What are you doing boys?" Madi asked, she looked directly at me. What's her problem? Why don't you bring your devil eyes to Lewi and your boyfriend here for pushing me into this!

"Just going to surprise the birthday girl on her special day!" I said with a smile.

"Okay!" Madi smiles as she walks back to the living room.

Karlye doesn't know that we are going back Butte, Montana, hers, Madi and Abby's hometown for her birthday. We informed her mother and father about the whole surprise. The door suddenly opens revealing a wet Karlye in a towel.

"Surprise!" Me, Lewi and Danny shout. Karlye jumps back in surprise and drops her towel.

"Oh Sh*t!" She yells, I shield my eyes trying not to peak but the temptation takes a toll on me, trying to steal a quick peak.

"You can open your eyes now, Jake!" I peak as a smirk forms on Karlye's beautiful face. "What the Hell was that for?"

"Me and the boys wanted to surprise you on your special day!"

"What boys, are they invisible? Hey Lewi and Danny!" She laughs, I turn around ,I don't see Danny and Lewi standing behind me but see them hiding behind the corner as they watch me make a fool of myself in front of Karlye. I raised my middle finger and flipped them off, thanks for the help mates.

"That was sweet of you Jake, thanks!" She leans up and plants a soft kiss on my cheek as she walks into her room as the door closes behind her. I blush, I lean my back against the wall and slide down. Danny and Lewi hover over me. They pick me up and walk me out back.

"Jake, what was that?" Lewi asked.

"What was what?"

"You know what we are talking about Roche!" Danny replied. I sat down in my chair and took a swig of my beer.

"I don't know what you are talking about Danny boy?" I said as I took another swig of my beer before placing back on the table.

"You and Karlye that's what!" I stopped. Lewi and Danny smirked, they knew!

"Jake, we can see exactly through you, don't think that we knew that you still have feelings for Karlye, it's not that hard to make out." I blushed, realizing that they knew me so well. I tried but I could never hide my true feelings that I feel towards Karlye.

"You finally knew! I still have feelings for her lads. You don't know how much I long to be back in her arms again, it's killing me inside." I tried hard to fight back the tears.

"We know bud, we can see it everyday. It hurst you inside and we want to see you happy again." Lewi says as he pays my back.

"But Karlye is still with Charley and I don't think she will ever break up with him Jake, I'm sorry." Danny looked at me as he took a sip from his beer.

"But if I show her those pictures I found of Charley and that girl he met while he was in Manchester, she can see the real truth about Charley." I reached for my phone as I pulled it out of the pocket.

"Jake, it will hurt her if she found out that Charley was with another woman. I knew it hurt you Jake when you found out that your own best friend would kiss your own girlfriend. That wasn't right for Charley to do that and it wasn't right for Karlye to kiss back but what could she do over fame and fun, nothing? She was stuck in a love triangle between the fun loving singer and the kindhearted guitarist. It was hard for her to love and not the other. She didn't want you two to get upset, so she chose to make you and Charley both happy will sharing the same love she feels towards both of you." Danny explains, tears roll down my eyes as I feel the pain rising in me. This is what I get for falling in love.

"Danny, it's not right for Charley to do that to her, play with her heart as he sleeping with another woman behind her back."

"And you not the same? What would feel like inside Jake, if you see her heart broken, hasn't she been through enough already."

"But Danny!" I plead.

"Please Jake, don't." Lewi grabs ahold of my shoulder as he pulls me back and pats my shoulder to calm me down.

"Jake, listen to me mate, we just need to forget about this whole mess and celebrate this special day for Karlye. It will do us all good and her even better. Come on!" Danny grabs his beer as he opens his door.

"Your right Danny boy! Let's go celebrate with the birthday girl on her special day!"

"That's what I like to here!" Lewi says as he hangs his arm over my shoulder as we make our way to the kitchen as we sing happy birthday to our most favorite girl in the whole world.

~{Author's Note}~

IMPORTANT‼️‼️ Guys, I decided on finishing this story. There is only four chapter left until the end and it will finally be complete. After the story, I am going to write a sequel to Let Me Love You. I'm still coming up with a tile but I got the whole plot worked out and I can't wait to publish. I hope you will like and tell your friends who love Rixton. READ, COMMENT, VOTE!!!! Love you guys!!!❤️☺️✨

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