Chapter 6

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V. ~

Gosh! I was so nervous to meet Rixton and that cute boy, what was his name, oh yeah, Jake Roche. I don't even know anything about them! Why did Madi and Abby push me into doing this! Why?! Okay, Karlye you are going to do this, gather up your confidence and keep walking towards their table with a smile your face so they won't see how nervous you are. So, listening to myself, I started walking towards Rixton's table, I looked over at the boy named Jake and he was looking at me! Think Karlye, what are you going to do? I turned and blushed a little bit. Oh, good job Karlye, that's sure going to get his attention now.

"Hi Rixton, I am Karlye and I will be your waitress for today, may I start you out with a couple of drinks?" I asked them with a smile, all of the boys looked up and were starring at me.

"Hey boys, what do you want to drink?" I asked again. Jake Roche the boy who I had a crush on, looked at me.

"Four beers love." He called me love when he ordered.

"Okay sweetie, I will get you boys four beers." Then I walked off smiling.

~ Jake's .P.O.V. ~

As me and the boys were looking for our waitress, I saw the same exact girl during the concert. She looked at me as she was walking and started to blush when I was looking at her. I think I was starting to become nervous because I didn't know how to act around this girl. Will she like me or not? Will we become friends or not? So many questions in my brain and I couldn't even find the answers to any one of them. I hope she doesn't notice. I looked over at Danny and started to stir up a conversation with him until the girl comes over to our table.

As she reached our table, she said "hi!" Her name is Karlye, she asked to take our orders. We all looked up and started starring at her. She was so pretty. I think I was in a trance. She looked at us and said, "hey boys what do you want to drink?" and I snapped out of my trance and said, " Us four would like four beers, please love," and she said, " Okay sweetie, I will get you boys your four beers," and she walked off.

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