Chapter 3

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~Karlye's .P.O.V.~

We've finally finished cleaning everything in the restaurant. I couldn't wait to see my nice bed. It was 7:00 and the restaurant was open. There was a huge line of people outside. Everybody started to rush in trying to find a table.

"Everybody must of heard about Rixton performing at Denver!" I told Madi.

"Yeah, are you ready to start working?" says Madi.

"As ready as I've ever be!" I said laughing.

"Let's do this!" yells Madi and we look at each giving high fives and we walked off waiting the tables.

At 9:00, I noticed that a big tour bus arrived, it had Rixton's name labeled on it with big booming letters. I ran over to my friends and told them the big news, Rixton's tour bus was here. Abby and Madi started screaming like crazy and I almost thought I was about to see Madi faint from so much excitement.

"OMG, OMG, Rixton is here!" says a screaming Madi.

"OMG, OMG, I can't wait to meet Lewi Morgan!" says Abby also screaming.

"Guys, STOP SCREAMING! I KNOW THEY ARE HERE! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO NOTICE US!" I said yelling I didn't even notice that I was yelling really loud and people were noticing.

"Ok guys, I think we should stop screaming." I said with a whisper.

"Ok." Madi and Abby said in a sad voice.

"Cheer up girls, when they get on stage, you can scream as loud as you want but we have to wait these tables first." I said looking at them.

"Fine!" Abby and Madi both say, we walked off in separate directions.


From a distance, I saw the boys talking to my father. My dad was so happy to see these boys perform in his restaurant. He couldn't believe all the people that showed up! He was in shock! I was so happy for him. After they were done talking, they came on the stage, getting their instruments ready. Couldn't believe all the girls who started to scream and yell their names. Abby and Madi left me and joined in with the crowd and started screaming along. I thought my ears were about to burst from that much screaming, so I left Madi and Abby to bartend.

When I left, I turned around and looked at these boys who were called Rixton. There was a boy who had blonde wavy hair who was standing next to a piano keyboard. Then I looked over to the boy who was wearing a hat and was standing next to the drums. Next to him, there was a boy who had brown hair and he had tattoos on his arm and was playing the guitar. Then, I saw this boy who had brown hair too and he was standing next to the microphone and was singing a little bit. He was so gorgeous and cute! My mind kept telling me to go up there and meet him but I pulled back. I couldn't help but stare at him while he was singing. He was so gorgeous but I had to do my job. I had to stay focused, no distractions, so I went back to bartend.

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