Chapter 34

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"Tap here to start writing," the computer says. What can I write? Nothing is coming out of my head. Nothing...Nothing seems to be flowing out. I'm useless my head is useless. This is what I get for being a singer. You have to think of every song lyric that pops up in your head and write it down but nothing is popping out like a jack in the box. Stupid..useless...brain. I slam my head against the table not noticing that Charley walks in seeing me in my state of stress.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Charley places me on his lap as he strokes my hair. I lean my head against his tattooed chest.

"Honey, I can't think of anything! My brain is useless and nothing is coming out. No flow of song lyrics coursing out of this girl's brain no just a mass of emptiness and spiderwebs. Charleyyyyyyyy!" I whined in his chest. What happens if I get fired? What would become of my life now? What would become of Charley, Lewi, Danny, Madi, Abby when I leave and...Jake!

"Sweetie maybe you need a day of relaxation to get you away from this mess. You have been on stress for over a month now and I miss my Karlye not being with me like she used to." Charley pouted. I giggled and pecked his lips.

"Well I have been stressing so much and I haven't been spending time with my Charley so I think a good relaxation would do me some good." Charley face light up. He picked me up and spin me around with delight.

"I found a perfect spot Charley!" I called out to him as I laid our beach towels out on the sand by the sea.

"Perfect love." Charley says as he gives me a kiss on the cheek as he sits down on his towel. I quickly strip out of my clothes in front of's okay, my swimsuit is under my clothing you don't think I would be stripping butt bare naked in front of him? Hell no but you don't know?

I lay down on Charley's chest while soaking up the sun. A little sun will do me good. Peace, no stress in sight! My loving boyfriend by my side keeping me secure in his loving arms.

Why don't you wait here while I borrow
Something you said, dear you should follow
Ohhh Ohhh
If they just stay age til' tomorrow
Then that's okay
Hate's only sorrow
Ohhh Ohhh

Cause it's you, who, takes care of everyone else
You, need to allow me to help, you
Ohh, appreciated
Cause it's you who somehow is always the first, to, take care of me at my worst
You are appreciated

That song. Oh how that song fills me up with so much love but Oh, how the song brings past distance memories of Jake. I still remember when Jake first sang me that song. Standing up on stage feeling like a fool as he serenades. The feeling of his soft lips as he kissed me during the end. Oh how I missed.

Cause it's you, who, takes care of everyone else
You, need to allow me to help, you
Ohh, appreciated
Cause it's you who somehow is always the first, to, take care of me at my worst
You are appreciated

As the song finished, Charley snapped me back to resistance as he placed his soft lips on to mine. I finally realized what was happening so I kissed back. We made out for over a good couple of minutes.

"Get it on man! Get it on!" Lewi's voice rings from behind. Me and Charley both snap our heads up. Lewi and Danny come running like a pack of wild dogs and pig pile on me and Charley. What the heck! I thought it was just going to be me and him, nobody else, me and him and now I see it wasn't true.

"Lewi get your butt out of my face!"

"Oops, sorry Karkar!" Lewi apologizes as he gives me a hand and helps me get back on my feet. We quickly help Charley up.

The whole clan finally arrives along with Jake and his girlfriend Jessica... Oh great!

I talk to Madi and Abby as I quietly watch Jake and Jessica. They both? ugh! What does he see in her? Yeah she's gorgeous, beautiful, and has a perfect body that every girl wants compared to me and yeah she's perfect girl for him than me. It hurts!

"Um Karlye?" Madi says as she takes a sip from her diet coke.

"Yeah?" I ask trying not to keep too much attention on her and Abby.

"I think you should..."

"I should what?...Ahhh!" Before I could finish, I am swung over Charley's shoulders. I watch as Madi and Abby are both carried by their boyfriends to the cold ocean water.

"Charley Steven Bagnall put me down!" I yell in delight.

"As you say love." All of sudden, Charley throws me into the cold water along with Madi and Abby. I jump out and hold my cold body. Charley laughs. I quickly splash a burst of cold water on him, surprising him. He wipes the water off his face and starts chasing after me. I start to giggle since this is like an old game of tag. I run figure 8's around Danny, Lewi, Madi and Abby as I try to get away from Charley. I couldn't take no more running and the currents of the waves slowed me down to a stop where the speedy Gonzales himself catches up to me and takes me down into the water with him.

"Thanks Charley!" I say as I spit water into his face.

"Your welcome sweetheart." Charley says as he spits water back as the water lands in my mouth accidentally swallowing his spit. I quickly pretend to gag as he pulls me in for a long passionate kiss in the deep blue sea.

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