Chapter 5

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~ Karlye's .P.O.V. ~

After the show was over, the four boys packed up their instruments and took it to their bus. A minute ago, they came back and sat at one of the tables in the back. After they sat down, I sneaked behind the door and took a quick peak at the cute singer. I kept starring at him and I couldn't seem to peal my eyes away. I had a pretty good time starring at the cute boy, I wasted a couple of my minutes, people waiting but I didn't care.

"Hi Girls, I wasn't doing anything, I was just cleaning this door, it was really dirty." I said with a smile, they knew I was lying.

"Yeah right Karlye!" Abby said then she pulled me into the kitchen with Madi.

"What were you actually doing?" Abby asked.

"Well, um... I WAS STARRING AT THE SINGER, OKAY!" I confessed to them.

"Oh My Gosh Karlye!" Madi said with a gasp.

"What are their names?" I asked my friends.

"Well, the boy who was playing the drums is Lewi Morgan, the boy playing the guitar is Charley Bagnall, the boy playing the piano is Danny Wilkin and the boy who was singing is Jake Roche." said Madi

"So that's what his name is, OMG! His name is perfect!" I said as I was skipping around in circles.

"Oh My Gosh Karlye, you were starring at him!" said Abby

"No, no I wasn't!" I panicked.

"Then what were you looking at, huh?" Abby said giving me that look, that tells me that she knows I am lying.

"Um... I WAS STARRING AT THAT CHAIR!" I said whiling pointing at the chair in front of me.

"Really Karlye, you were starring at that chair?" Abby said pointing at the same exact chair I was pointing at.

I confessed, "No, I was starring at Jake and yes I was starring at Jake!" I said while looking up at the ceiling, smiling like crazy.

"You should go meet him and the rest of the boys, they need a waitress." Madi said while pushing me towards the door.

"Please tell Danny Wilkin that I Love Him and please tell Lewi Morgan that Abby Loves Him too." Madi said giving me a puppy dog face.

"I don't know guys?" I said feeling nervous, about to puke.

"Please, please, PLEASE!" Begged Abby and Madi.

"Fine, I will go!" I said while going out the door with a notepad in my hand.

~ Jake's .P.O.V. ~

After the show we packed up our instruments and put them inside the bus. We left and went back inside the restaurant and found a nice table in the back and sat down.

"That show was amazing!" I said as I was sitting down.

"That was the Best Performance Ever, mate!" said Danny.

"Yes Mate!" said Charley

"Now, we all need drinks to celebrate!" says Lewi while he was looking for someone to take our orders.

Suddenly, I saw that cute girl who was starring at me during the concert. She started walking towards our table. I couldn't tell the boys that I liked this girl. I didn't even know her name yet! Gosh, she is so pretty! I couldn't help but stare at her, ignoring the boys conversations until she gets over to our table.

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