Chapter 37

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~Karlye's .P.O.V.~

Mom...Dad... Where are you? I was back in my restaurant back in Butte Montana.


"MOM, DAD! I'm coming!" I ran upstairs. Tears filled up my eyes as I broke down crying.

"Nice to see you again darling, did you miss me?" The Dark figured called from the shadows. He stepped out of the dark with a knife in his right with blood covering his clothes from bottom to top. It was Hunter!

I suddenly woke myself up. Sweat dripping from my forehead. I grabbed ahold of my knees and pressed them against my chest, crying in pain, agony. My breathing was getting out of control and I couldn't stop. I quickly ran out of Charley's bedroom. I saw Jake sitting on the couch as his eyes met mine and felt grief as he saw how upset I was. I couldn't stop crying, the dream was too much for me to handle.

I ran up to Jake and pressed my face against his chest and cried. Jake stroked my head to calm me down.

"What's wrong love?" Jake asked. I looked up to his beautiful dreamy blue eyes. He took his thumb and wiped away my tears, making a small smile appear on my face.

"Jake, Hunter!"

"What about Hunter, Karlye?" Jake asked feeling quite worried.

"I had a dream that he killed my parents. He's coming back for me Jake! I'm scared." I pressed myself closer to his side making me feel secure in his arms as he wrapped them around my body.

"Karlye, listen to me, Hunter is in jail, he didn't kill your parents and he's not going to lay a hand on your precious head because if he does, I'm going to kick his sorry ass making him wish he stayed back in jail." Hearing his words made me feel better. "I won't let no one hurt you." Jake said as he held me closer in his arms as he pressed a soft kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep in his arms.

~Author's Note~

Poor Karlye, she had another nightmare about none other than Hunter killing her family. Jake gave her comfort and listened to her and made her feel a lot better inside. Do you think Karlye still has feeling for Jake or does she still have feelings for Charley still?

Answer the question: Who do you WANT Karlye to be WITH? Jake or Charley?

Hope you like the chapter!!! Will try to update tomorrow. Goodnight. Read, vote, comment. Love You All😊😊

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