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Its been a while since I've updated and I'm sorry, I got lazy and didn't feel like updating but after a break I'm back again. The update schedule will probably be about once a week. So keep that in mind.

Y/n: I don't get it though, why does Kate hate you so much?

Mari: she's always been jealous of me. In elementary I got good grades, was athletic, I pretty much excelled at everything I did.

Y/n: I can see that...

Mari: also, I would protect Meiko from her bullying which made her hate me even more.

Mari: *sigh* that's a lot of sweat.

Still running a fever, Meiko laid in bed next to us. Mari was wiping off her sweat with a rag.

Y/n: there's still one thing I don't understand.

Mari: ask away...

Y/n: well...meiko doesn't really strike me as the type of person who gets bullied.

Mari: she was different back then. Shy, and timid. But one day, kate came at us with a group of boys and they overpowered us. Then Meiko just snapped and fought back.

Y/n: huh.

Mari: hey Y/n?

Y/n: yeah?

Mari: could you watch over Meiko for tonight? Make sure her fever goes down?

Y/n: sure.

Mari: thanks, I need to talk to Hana about somthing.


About an hour later, Meiko began to wake up.

Meiko: Y/n?

Y/n: yeah I'm here, you should rest until your fever goes down.

Meiko: okay.

I kissed Meiko's forehead and held her hand until she fell back asleep.

Time skip:

It was about mid day. All of us were sitting in the main room, then Hana suddenly stood up.

Hana: I'm sick of this life! And everything that's happened to me! It's your fault president! I'm going to bed.

Meiko: Hana what's wrong?

Y/n: Hana?

That was sudden and kind of random, we just watched as Hana walked to her cell.

(Next day)

Mari: are you feeling better?

Meiko: yes, thanks to you and Y/n, I have recovered from my fever. I will do the work I missed while resting, and I'll complete hana's work as well.

After a day of resting we were back outside working again. After hana's outburst yesterday, she left the prison and went to the A.S.C. room. I asked Mari about what happened but she wouldn't say anything. Although I'm worried about Hana, I still trust her so I won't mention it for now.

Andre: take a 10 minute break!

Y/n: great, he's still here.

Y/n: Mari, do you want some water?

Mari: yes, that would be nice.

As I was walking to get some water I walked past Andre.

Andre: it must me rough for Meiko, having an extra persons share of work. You know what Hana is doing right now? She's enjoying some tea and cookies in the student council room. *chuckle*

As I was walking past I stomped the ground.

Andre: gahhh!

Y/n: oh sorry man! I didn't see your foot there.

Risa: Meiko, starting now you will be working a different job.

Meiko: what job is that?

Risa: its probably the toughest job you've done.

Time skip

Risa took Meiko to the other side of the building where we couldn't see them.

It's been a good thirty minutes since they left, I wonder what their doing.

Suddenly Mari and I saw smoke rising from the top of the building. We ran over to the smoke and saw Meiko.

Mari: Meiko!

Meiko: President! The fire spread to the trees and-

Mari: the crows, their nest are in the trees!

The tree that was on fire was the same tree I saw the baby crows in when I first came to this school. Now it was in a blaze.

A/n: I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, I wanted to say that I don't know how long I'm going to continue this story for. We've already accomplished a lot with this story, and I feel like working on some new projects. Do you guys think I should continue this story? Please let me know. Until next time.

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