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A/N: just wanted to thank you guys for the support. This story got almost 200 reads overnight. So there was no way I could avoid updating today. Thanks!


Meiko: that concludes your work for today, get back to your cells.

Meiko walked up to Shingo rather suspiciously.

Meiko: Shingo, come with me.

Shingo: y-yes.

Time skip:

Kiyoshi: Shingo what did the Vice Prez say to you?

Shingo: nothing much...

Kiyoshi: you got something on your face.

Shingo: m-mind your own business!

Y/N: suspicious...

Time skip:

For the Next few days Shingo continued his suspicious behavior. Meanwhile the discipline has gotten pretty harsh. Guess Mari was even more pissed than I thought...

Andre: I envy you guys.

Y/N: huh?

Andre: me and Shingo haven't got beat at all.

Shingo: nah, I've taken my fair share.

Andre: why am I the only one not getting whipped?

Andre slammed the table out of frustration causing Joe's ant farm to fall over.

Joe: bastard! Are you trying to kill my ants!? I'll slaughter you!

Andre: I-I'm sorry I didn-

Joe: you think a sorry will cut it!? Repay me with your life!

Gakuto jumped in to restrain Joe.

Gakuto: stop it Joe! You cant fight in here!

(The next day)

Andre: I'm sorry about your ants Joe.

Joe: it's fine I shouldn't of gotten so mad.

Y/N: I'm glad they made up, but there's definitely somthing fishy going on.

Shingo: man that food was good. Lets go play tag outside!

Kiyoshi: who should be "it"....

Shingo:......lets go guys. You comin'

Y/N: no, I'm not.

(Court yard)

Kiyoshi: even if I try to join them they just ignore me...

Y/N: don't worry about it too much.

Kiyoshi: yeah, I guess your right.

I looked up and noticed an abnormal amount of crows in the sky.

Shingo: (yes I understand, but why?)

Meiko: (just do as your told.)

Y/N: Meiko and shingo? It's hard to hear, but their definitely talking...

Shingo: hey Joe! Come here, it'll be quick.

Y/N: all three of the girls are in the yard, kiyoshi has noticed too. Somthing very strange is happening.

I looked up and saw a crow do a nose dive for the court yard.....straight for Joe's ants.

Joe: stop you fucking crow!

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