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Y/n's POV:

Meiko: it's your turn piggy.

Andre and Meiko started their match. It lasted a full 4 minutes before Andre lost.

Andre: ahhh!

Meiko: I guess I'm the schools number one. Huh? My keys are missing...

Meiko: turned around and Gakuto gave her the keys.

Gakuto: you dropped them here

Meiko: ia that so?

Meiko walked out and shut the cell door with a clang.

Kiyoshi: man, that was too close, Gakuto you got the file?

Gakuto: no...i couldn't get the file. I was able to download the recovery software but I heard Andre scream and came back here.

Kiyoshi: s-so basiclly. Our expulsion is inevitable.

Time skip:
At night.

Shingo: I feel better now. We did all we could.

Kiyoshi: yeah.

Joe: guess so *cough*.

Andre: the days here were like a dream for me.

Gakuto: I can't accept this. I took a dump in front of a bunch of girls. I shaved my head!

Gakuto: but, spending each day, working hard. For the first time in my life, I knew what it meant to have friends.

Joe: why'd you have to go and say it...

We all sat there, teary eyed and exhausted, the last of our energy spent. The five of them have already given up. But I wasn't ready to. I had a plan.

Time skip:

Our last failure had really effected everyone, especially Gakuto.

But I finally had a plan to make things right.

( U.S.C. office)

Meiko: Y/N is requesting to see you ma'am.

Mari: let him in.

*door opens.

Mari: what is it Y/N?

Y/n: I would like to go outside at some point during the day. Being cooped up inside the prison is driving me crazy.

Mari: can't you wait a few more days? That way we'll be rid of the trash that's in their now.

Y/N: I don't know, can't I get some kind of break?

Mari: hmm, I guess it wouldn't be an issue to let you out for 15 minutes. Would you mind supervising him while he's outside Meiko?

Meiko: of course not~

Mari: ok...if I do this for you. You need to do somthing for me~

Y/n: o-ok.

Time skip:

After three hours of "fun" and a long nap. My plan was finally ready.

(Flash back)

Meiko: just meet me in the office when your ready to go out.

(End flash back)

Y/n: here goes.

*knock knock.

Meiko: are you ready?

Y/n: yup.

On our way out of the office I grabbed the spare key hanging on the wall.

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