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Y/n's POV

Kiyoshi: t-the windows....

Kiyoshi was looking out the barred window that's in our main cell.

Y/n: you just noticed that? Its been up there since this morning.

There was some kind of curtain draped in front of the window.

Mari: now that they've blocked off our window we can't communicate like we did last night.

Mari: how will we inform them of the stuff we need....

Kiyoshi: what kind of stuff do we need anyway? Actually, never mind it's probably best that we no the bare minimum.

Mari: yes that does sound safest.

After lunch:

We were outside working when we saw Gakuto sitting a couple yards away.

Mari: he's here. He probably wants information on the items we need.

Y/n: sure, but there's nothing we can do right now.

Just behind our work area sat two memebers of the A.S.C. Who were watching our every move.

Mari: we don't have time to take this slow....we need to escape before the sports festival.

Mari: theirs still some things I need the boys to get.

Kiyoshi: I'm doing all I can, but right now....

Mari: can't you at least try?

Reluctantly Kiyoshi walked over to Risa and asked to use the restroom. She responded by escorting him there.

Y/n: expected as much, they aren't pulling any punches.

Gakuto is sitting right in kiyoshi's path to the restroom. Hopefully he gets the message across.

Mari: I trust kiyoshi, I believe he'll get this done. But with my plans moving forward, I'm gonna need your help.

Y/n: I thought Kiyoshi was going to set everything up....

Mari: yes but you still have a role to play in this.

Mari pecked me on the cheek and smiled.

Mari: I'll be counting on you.

Time skip:

We were inside the prison doing our basic chores when we got a visitor.

Kate: Mari, I'm sorry to interrupt you while your cleaning. Could you come with us?

Mari: what is it this time? I won't submit to torture.

Kate: so your not coming? I'll have to tell her that....

Mari: tell who.

Kate: Chiyo.

(Minutes later)

Y/n: if Chiyo is here to visit Mari then it must be because of what she saw last night....

Suddenly kiyoshi walked up to the door and put his ear against it.

Y/n: Kiyoshi, what are you doing.

Kiyoshi: I'm trying to listen....

Meiko: you shouldn't be doing tha-

Risa violently kicked open the door knocking kiyoshi on the ground.

Risa: you bastard, what are you doing out here.

Kate: you were eavesdropping? How improper....

Risa: get back to work!

Risa raised up her cane and started whipping kiyoshi.

Meiko ran behind me and clutched the back of my shirt.

Chiyo looked at us appauled by the scene in front of her.

Chiyo: kate! This is abuse!

Kate: a-abuse? Chiyo, I'm sure The boys were treated the same way their first time in prison.

Chiyo: no, this is awful. I'm going to complain about this to the chairman.

After that remark Kate started dripping sweat.

Kate: Ch-Chiyo, calm down...let's talk about this. I think we both have some misunderstandings.

While Chiyo had Kate distracted I noticed behind her Mari stuffed somthing in between her breast.

Time skip:

Luckily Chiyo managed to defuse the situation and we went along with our normal routine. We got our dinner and Sat down.

Kiyoshi: what did Chiyo come here to do.

Mari: it does not concern you...but there is this.

Mari reached into her shirt and pulled out...

Kiyoshi: a phone?

Y/n: it looked like you were hiding somthing earlier but how did you manage to get a hold of that?

Mari: it slipped out of Chiyo's pocket when she hugged me. I feel bad for taking her phone but I couldn't let this opportunity pass by.

Y/n: with security being so light, this is the perfect chance.

Mari: we can inform Gakuto of the supplys we need and how he can get them to us.

A/n: hey wattpad, that's another chapter down so I hope you enjoyed. I'll see you next time!

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