Locked up.

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Court yard, Y/N's POV:

*you followed behind Mari to where the rest of the boys are*

Gakuto: this is ludicrous, Y/N did not aid us in peeping!

???: Silence!

*Gakuto gets whipped*

Mari: that will be enough madam vice president.

Meiko: yes ma'am!

Time skip:

Meiko: your punishment has been decided!

Y/N: so what is it?

Meiko: put these on!

Joe: prison uniforms? *cough

Y/N: you got to be kidding me.

Time skip in the prison:

Mari: you boys will be confined to this prison for one month for violating the human rights of your female peers.  And don't even think about doing somthing as foolish as breaking out. One breakout attempt will result in all of your sentences being extented by a month. A second attempt, 3 month's. A third attempt will result in expulsion. Do I make myself clear?

Shingo: this has to be illegal! I want to call my parents!

Mari: go ahead, I'll even let you use my phone.

Shingo: really?

Mari: well of course, you can tell them how you peeked on the girls changing.

Y/N: heh heh.

Meiko: whats so funny!

Y/N: nothing much, just thought it was kind of funny how we're totally screwed.

Gakuto: what about classe-

*Meiko whips Gakuto in the face*

Meiko: from now on everything you do will require my permission!

Meiko: now empty out your bags!

*as you empty your bag the U.S.G hand book falls out*

Meiko: why do you have this!

Y/N: I thought if I was enrolling in this school I should do some research. And I have to say, what I found was very interesting.
(Possible foreshadowing?)

Meiko: what are you talking abou-

Mari: Meiko I think the boys should get started with their work.

Meiko: yes your absolutely right madam President.

Time skip to court yard:

Gakuto: this is absurd! Right now yours truly should be studying the three kingdoms!

*Meiko hits Gakuto knocking him down, then stabs the heel of her boot into his face*

Meiko: I said you need my permission to speak! Do you boys undetstand!

*the boys nod in unison while you just smirk*

Meiko: whats with that smirk pretty boy!

Y/N: I just think this situation is kind of funny is all.

Meiko: well then you'll be the first one to start the work! I expect you boys to build a barricade around the prison in three days!

Y/N: fine by me.

*you get to work and suddenly hear shingo scream*

When you look over shingo is on the ground bleeding.

Meiko: did I tell you to drink water?!

Shingo: I'm sorry I forgot to ask.

Y/N: is this b*tch fuck*ing serious right now?!

Y/N: Hey! How do you expect us to get work done if we can't stay hydrated?!

Meiko: I'm sorry, did you say somthing pretty boy? You must want to be next!

*Meiko tried to whip you but you dodged it (like a badass)*

Meiko: Tch, get back to work!

Shingo: Hey thanks man that was awesome!

Y/N: Nah it was nothing, she just kinda pissed me off.

After some work you look over at kiyoshi who is looking at chiyo in the window.

Y/N: Hey man what are you doing? That face is creepy.

Y/N: Hey man what are you doing? That face is creepy

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Meiko: no slacking!

*Meiko hits kiyoshi in the face*

Y/N: I'm surrounded by morons.

Time skip:

Meiko: dinner time!

Andre: so Y/N why were you dodging the vice president's whipings?

Y/N: what do you mean? So I didn't get hit.

Andre: personally I would love to get hit by her!

Gakuto: indeed any straight man would love to get thrashed by such a beautiful lady!

Y/N: what the hell is wrong with these freaks?!

Meiko: get to your cells for lights out!

Time skip:

You and all the boys are laying in bed.

Joe: can't believe we have to *cough* be in here for a whole month.

Kiyoshi: Hey Y/N we're really sorry about getting you in here when you didn't even peek.

Y/N: it's no problem, after all........the chaos has only just begun.

Mari is interested in you.

A/N: hi again wattpad! Hope you enjoyed this chapter, I kinda enjoyed making it. But after every chapter I'm gonna include your status with each girl, like I did with Mari at the bottom. I feel that way you can see how their feelings for you progress. And once we get far enough for a lemon ill include if their aroused by you 😉. But any way, I hope you enjoyed and once again leave any criticism if you can.

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