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Y/n's POV:

Kiyoshi: why would you do that? What kind of idiot tells her guards she's going to escape!?

Mari: I had no choice, with what they were doing to Meiko, I couldn't stay quite.

Mari was trying to cool off Meiko with a wet towel.

Kiyoshi: even so, the A.S.C. is aware of what we're doing and they're going to strengthen their security.

Y/n: calm down, there was nothing we could've done. Also most of this is Andre's fault.

The sound of the cell door opening echoed through the room.

Gakuto: it is time for your meals.

Kiyoshi: Gakuto, somthing bad happened.

Gakuto: you must be speaking of Andre. Worry not, they're security might strengthen but we can still fool them somehow.

Kiyoshi: its not about Andre, the president declared that she is going to escape.

Suddenly we heard walking down the hallway.

Gakuto: oh my, if it isn't Risa. Is this not indeed the time I'm scheduled for guard duty?

Risa: until now yes, however starting today we no longer need your assistance. Starting now, Gakuto and Andre are dismissed from their positions as guards.

Gakuto: I-I understand, I will enjoy the increase in free time.

Kiyoshi: I'll figure out a way to communicate with you.

Gakuto: I'll be relying on you.

Gakuto and Risa left the prison.

Time skip:

We got our dinner and startes eating in the cell.

Y/n: soup, jello? We can't put messages in this food.

Mari: their definitely increasing their guard. We need to find a way to get the items I need.

Kiyoshi: look up there!

From the window the other boys were flashing a light using a mirror.

Mari: Y/n, we'll communicate with them, stand by the cell door and keep watch for Risa.

After a few minutes of standing by the door Risa never showed up.

I walked over to the window and saw that the boys were gone.

Mari: Risa chased them off but we were able to convey a message.

Y/n: so do you think we can escape?

Mari: we're one step closer.

Y/n: okay, so what else do we nee-

Mid sentence Mari grabbed my face and pulled me into kiss.

After a few seconds she pulled away and smiled

Mari: let's just take things one step at a time.

Y/n: okay.

I looked over out the window and saw Chiyo starring back.

Y/n: she saw us kissing...

A/n: hey wattpad, first update in a while so I hope you enjoyed. I'll see you guys next time.

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