The incident.

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Meiko: everyone up now!

Shingo: do we have to get up this....ArGh

*Meiko whipped shingo*

Meiko: shut up! Your getting up early so you can get to work!

Gakuto: yours truly would like permission to use the lavatory!

Meiko: permission granted, you boys come with me.

Kiyoshi: what work are we doing, we already finished the barricade.

Meiko: just shut up and follow me!

Transition to court yard:

Meiko: all right I'd like to introduce you to hana. She'll be monitoring you sh*t stains with me.

Hana: today we're gonna gather four leaf clovers!

Kiyoshi: she seems nice

Gakuto: indeed.

Andre: I want to lick her.

Y/N: absolutely pathetic.

Hana: four leaf clovers are lucky clovers! So when you get some we'll press them into book marks! So go collect some!

Y/N: this shouldn't be to hard, but you guys should seriously be careful around that girl.

Gakuto: nonsense, Ms. hana is a kind hearted young lady!

Y/N: don't say I didn't warn you.

Shingo: yeah well I'm way more worried about what's over their.

*shingo points toward the track where a bunch of (hot) girls are stretching*

Kiyoshi: dang

Joe: I want some of that.

Y/N: you guys should get back to work.

Joe: come on Y/N don't be a bummer.

Hana: are you guys collecting clovers?

Shingo: yeah we're getting to it.

Y/N: and with that remark I saw the scariest face I ever saw a girl make.

Y/N: and with that remark I saw the scariest face I ever saw a girl make

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Hana: huh?!

Shingo: eh?

Y/N: idiot!

*hana brought her foot up and smashed it down on shingo's head*

Shingo was on the ground twitching with a bleeding head.

Y/N: wow you know Karate?

Hana: excuse me?

Y/N: well that was an axe kick, so I was wondering if you knew karate.

Hana: o-oh well i-I'm surprised you k-knew.

Y/N: hana do you have a stutter?

Hana: w-what are you t-talking about? Shut up!

Y/N: man what a strange girl.

Gakuto: lady hana, we collected the clovers you requested.

Hana: wow you gathered a lot! A three leaf clover? YOUR USELESS!

hana bloodied the boys with her karate but when she tried to attack you, you either blocked or dodged the attack.

Hana: Tch go get more clovers!

Boys: yes ma'am!

Kiyoshi: I can't derive any joy from her at all!

Gakuto: indeed she is frightening.

Andre: I wish the vice president would whip me!

Y/N: I got to get away from these freaks!

When you walk away from the boys you see a baby crow that's fallen out of his nest.(did I mention Mari has an obsession with crows, and can control them or somthing?)

You look up and see the nest in a tree.

Y/N: you want to go up to your nest buddy?

You climb the tree and put the bird in its nest.

Chiyo: Y/N?

Y/N: Chiyo?!

Chiyo: are helping that baby cro-

Mari: Chiyo? What are you doing at that window?

Y/N: I know that voice, shit!

Mari: Y/N?! What are you doing?

Chiyo: he was helping the crow get back to its nest.

Mari: t-the c-crow?

*Mari's face turns red*

Mari: w-well never mind t-that I have work to do s-so get back to work!

*Mari walks off in a hurry*

Y/N: was she just blushing?! No, can't be.

Chiyo: I didn't know the U.S.C. was so busy. Well, you should get going.

Y/N: yeah your right.


Chiyo: oh! Someone's coming! Goodbye Y/N!

Hana: crap! I drank to much tea! I cant hold it!

Hana squats down and pulls down her shorts.

Y/N: oh my god, she's peeing!

Out of no where a convenient crow comes and knocks you off the tree.


Y/N: goodbye cruel world.

Meiko: hana what's wrong! What'd you do to her pretty boy!

Y/N: I didn't mean to do anything! I'm sorry!

Meiko: all of you get back to the prison works suspended!

Gakuto: amazing work sir Y/N, you brought the evil hana to tears!

Y/N: I know man I'm terrible.

Joe: Nah man your a her *cough*

Y/N: well I still need to apologize.

Kiyoshi: well at least our work is over.

Meiko: dinners ready! Y/N.........the president wants to see you!

Y/N: well shit.

Mari is attracted to you.
Hana is interested in you.
Meiko is unsure of her feelings.


A/N: sup wattpad here's part 3! I was really exited to come out with this because it will finally start to get more interesting. Because of Meiko's personality and how strange she acts around the prez, I'm gonna man her have a strong libido. So expect a lemon in maybe the next 2 chapters. If you have any criticism, please dont hesitate. And I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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