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Y/n's POV:

It has been two days since the breakout. Today the U.S.C is announcing our punishments.

Mari: Kiyoshi, you committed the breakout completely on your own correct?

Kiyoshi: Y-yes.

Mari: very I stated before, all prisoners except Y/N and Kiyoshi will have their sentences extended by a month.

Mari: Y/n's sentence has 5 days remaining, and kiyoshi will be expelled.

Time skip:

All of us except kiyoshi were eating dinner.

Joe: to think that he's getting expelled.

Gakuto: this is tyranny! What authority do those girls have were they can expell kiyoshi!

Shingo: I'd say he deserves it, by the way Y/N, do you have any idea why the president didn't extend your sentence?

Y/N: I'd like to think its because I'm a model prisoner, but I don't really see a difference between you guys and me, so honestly no, I have no idea.

I'm straight lying through my teeth, of course I know why she didn't extend my sentence. But either way, it's bullshit, I should recieve the same punishment as the rest of the guys, no matter her feelings for me.

Time skip:
3rd person POV:

Chiyo: sis, I heard kiyoshi's getting expelled! What's going on!

Kiyoshi: Chiyo?

Chiyo: kiyoshi?

Mari: what are you doing here?

Chiyo: I knew it! You are expelling him!

Mari: he has crimes of theft and illicit sexual realations.

Chiyo: that's hypocritical! You should expel yourself then!

Mari: what are you talking about?

Chiyo: I've seen the way you look at

Mari's face turned a shade of pink.

Mari: w-what are you talking about? You of all people should know how much I hate men.

Chiyo: I thought I did, but its different with Y/N, you cant lie to me!

Mari: w-whatever, take him back to prison. His sentence will still be extended.

Meiko: Mari what will we do about

Mari: don't worry about him, five more days and he'll be ours~

Time skip:
Y/n's POV:

Kiyoshi: I-I'm back, and some how managed to avoid expulsion. really sorry about all of this!

Kiyoshi: what's for dinner?

Shingo: we split your dinner because we thought you were getting expelled.

Y/N: yeah sorry about that, you can have some of mine kiyoshi.

Shingo: if you don't want it, I'll have some.

Shingo reached for my plate and I grabbed his wrist.

Y/N: I said kiyoshi.

Shingo: don't act stuck up because you only have five days lef-

Y/N: that's not it, I'm just not in the mood, don't test me shingo.

I slid my plate over to kiyoshi as I let go of shingo's wrist.

I honestly wasn't in the mood either, I was upset because of how selfish Mari was being, I didn't need this dick head making it worse.

Time skip:

The next couple of days went by pretty fast the other guys kept harassing kiyoshi until my last day before release came. I had to discuss this with Mari.

Meiko: today you will clean the toilet outside and fix up the gym storage room.

Meiko: Y/N, the president wants to talk to you.

Y/N: perfect.

U.S.C. office:

Mari: as I'm sure you already heard, your sentence will end tomorrow, you'll be free.

Y/N: that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about, I want my sentence extended.

Mari: you what!?

Y/N: I know you probably pulled a lot of strings to get this done, and I wish I could make it up to you but. Those other boys have have been with me in the prison for the last month, I can't take the guilt of just leaving them there.

Mari: b-but I'm doing this for you Y/N!

Y/N: I know, and I appreciate that but, I want my sentence extended.

Mari: fine. Hana, take him to the prison.

Hana: yes ma'am.

Y/N: shit, she's pissed, really pissed. It had to be done though.

Meiko: are you ok Mari?

Mari: im fine, this gives us even more reason to activate D.T.O. Y/N will be ours.


A/N: hey wattpad! Finnaly another chapter of prison school. I meant to update earlyer but ive been busy with School and had some internet issues, I'm gonna start updating this again, and thank you to everyone who stuck around after my little hiatus. I'll see you next time.

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