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Y/n's POV:

Mari: will they actually help us?

Kiyoshi: I can't say, but I trust them.

Mari: escaping from here isn't the most reasonable request. I wonder how many will help.

Y/n: by the way kiyoshi, I was wondering. What was Gakuto trying to show you on that calender?

Kiyoshi: he was showing me the lack of events on the calender.

Y/n: what do you mean? The A.S.C. has plenty of scheduled events.

Kiyoshi: yes but there's one missing.

Y/n: which is?

Kiyoshi: the wet t-shirt contest...

I was now confident the boys would help us. If the wet t-shirt contest was motivation to break out once. Why not a second time?

(Later that night)

Gakuto came into our cell with trays of food.

Gakuto: everyone, come get your meals.

As me and kiyoshi approached him, he spoke to us.

Gakuto: kiyoshi, Y/n, look past those bars.

We looked out the barred window that led outside. Threw the bars we could see Shingo and joe. They both wore shirts that said, "I love W.T.".

Y/n: your joking....

Gakuto unzipped his jacket revealing he also wore the same shirt.

Gakuto: nope, we boys have indeed gathered once more!

Mari: so they'll help us?

Y/n: I guess....

Time skip:

Kiyoshi: so what's the first step in getting out of here.

Mari: well, the first thing would be attaining a knife, and a pack of paper clips from the boys.

Kiyoshi: okay....

As we were discussing our plan outside during our free time, kate and risa walked up. Kate was carrying a plastic bag with a small smirk on her face.

Kate: Mari, are you hiding somthing from me?

Mari: I don't know what your talk--

Before Mari could finish Andre ran through the grass screaming.

Andre: Prison break! Prison break!

Mari: a...bout.

Y/n: they told Andre!

Kate: so you are hiding somthing?

(Minutes later)

Risa put Meiko in an office chair and tied her up after lighting a fire on the ground in front of her.

Y/n: what are you doing to her!

Kate: I won't do anything if you tell the truth cutie. *giggle*

Mari: this absurd! How can you believe the word of him!(Andre) and what makes you think I'm foolish enough to escape prison!

Meiko: please put out the fire!

Kate: whats wrong Meiko? There's nothing to be afraid of!

Kate said this with the most devious smile I have ever seen.

Risa started to slowly push Meiko toward the fire.

Meiko: *scream*

Kate: do you feel like talking Mari?

Mari: please stop! This is a misunderstanding!

Meiko's chair got even closer to the fire.

Mari: enough Meiko has nothing to do with this!

Kate: she doesn't? What does she have nothing to do with?

Kiyoshi: Mari, calm down.

Kate: whats wrong Mari? You gone silent. Does thing have nothing to do with me too?

Kate: Meiko, do you think your warm enough?

Meiko: yes! Please, no more fire!

Risa pushed the lever on the chair down which lowered Meiko's seat making the heat more intense.

I tapped mari's shoulder and she reluctantly nodded.

Mari: I understand.

Kiyoshi: Mari!?

Mari: its fine....

Mari: Kate your welcome to try and stop us, but we will escape this prison.

A/n: hey wattpad, hope you enjoyed this chapter. We're getting closer and closer to the end with each one and I can't wait. Until next time!

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