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Y/n's POV:

It was the next morning and we were exaughsted. So much has happened in the last few days and our work loads haven't changed.

I could already tell somthing was different because the whole A.S.C. was at the prison.

Kate: good morning everyone!

Kate: today, hana will be released. Congratulations. Now you can come help out the student council.

Hana walked to the exit without even looking at us.

Kate: now...

Then kiyoshi came from behind Kate and walked into the cell.

Mari: will he be our new guard?

Kate: no, he will be replacing Hana.

Kate: kiyoshi entered the student council room without permission and attempted theft. Therefore for the next week he will be imprisoned.

Kiyoshi quickly undressed and put on a prison uniform.

Mari: are you saying we have to live with a boy!?

Kate glared at Mari with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Kate: you don't have a problem living with Y/n, so I expect kiyoshi to be the same.

Kate: however with men and women living in this confined space. Let's just hope "incidents" don't occur. *giggle*

Time skip:

Kiyoshi: umm president?

Mari: don't talk to me!

Kiyoshi: fine, but could you at least hear me out?

Kiyoshi explained to us that the baby crows in the tree were alive and Meiko didn't do anything wrong. Apparently the whole thing was setup
By the student council to extend our sentences. Kiyoshi was imprisoned because he snuck into their room to find evidence.

Y/n: that's quite the story...

Mari: did you that Meiko? You didnt do anything wrong.

Meiko: thank goodness the birds are alright.

Mari: thank you for the information kiyoshi, however I think the reason for you being in here is another one of the council's plans.

Kiyoshi: what do you mean?

Mari: they want a scandal. With two men and two woman in prison....this won't be good for our reputation.

Mari: from this point until we get out, you must avoid contact with us. That includes you Y/n.

Y/n: Damn it.

Mari: understand?

Kiyoshi: I think so.

Mari: listen to me! These are the rules for the next week you'll be here! Don't touch or talk to us. Also as our under-classman you'll handle the various jobs.

Mari: you can start by making tea.

Mari pointed to the tea kettle across the room.

Kiyoshi: t-tea?

Mari: yes, get up and bring it here.

Kiyoshi: right now?

Mari: yes, get up and do what you were told.

Kiyoshi: I wont!

I looked down and noticed the bulge in kiyoshi's pants.

Y/n: *sigh* I'll go get it.

Time skip:

Risa: today I'll have you work on this.

Risa was pointing to a gutter at the top of the school building.

Meiko: that's really high up, I'm scared.

Mari: that's ok Meiko, I'll handle it.

Mari has been helping Meiko as much as she can ever since the incident with the fire.

Risa: no, Y/n and Meiko will be working on this, I have another job for you two.

Y/n: their trying to get a boy and a girl together. Maybe Mari was onto somthing.

Mari and kiyoshi walked away as I stepped on to the ladder.

Y/n: meiko, I'll hold the gutter still but you need to tighten the screws.

Meiko: o-ok.

Meiko climbed up the ladder while blushing.

Meiko: this is so embarrassing.

Y/n: your fine, just get the screws so we can be done.

Meiko: its hard to reach...

Meiko was about to fall of the ladder before I caught her.

Mari: Meiko are you oka- she's unconscious.

Y/n: the fall scared her that much?

A/n: hey wattpad, hope you liked this one. We're moving pretty smoothly with the story so I'm gonna continue with the weekly updates. Thanks for all the support!

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