Déjà Vu.

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A/n: over a month later and I'm finally back! I'm really exited to get started with "season 2" of prison school and I hope you guys are still with me.

Y/n's POV:

The familiar sound of a cell door slamming shut echoed through my head.

I had this feeling in my gut, that somthing bad was about to happen. When that girl turned around and pointed at me, my suspicions were confirmed.

A few days later and it was like I never left the prison. Everything was the same. Well, almost.

Hana: I can't take it anymore! Why do I have to do this!

Meiko: you heard the president, if we rest our sentences get extended.

Hana: hm? President!?

Mari was walking past carrying a log three times her size.

Meiko: you shouldn't push yourself with physical labor.

Y/N: yeah, I could at least help you.

Risa: no, this is the task she was ordered to do. It's not yours.
(This is Risa.)

Their trying to overwork her

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Their trying to overwork her. If she stops they can extend her sentence...

Meiko: this is ridiculous! How can the president carry such a huge lot by herself!?

Y/n: at least let me help.

Risa: no. Return to your own assignment.

Mari: it's all right. I'll be fine so just do what they say.

No matter how much I hate it she's right. There's no point in protesting.

A few more minutes of working and Mari collapsed onto the ground.

Risa walked over and hit her with a cane.

Risa: get up, there's no slacking off.

She swung again but Meiko blocked her.

Meiko: I won't let you hurt the president.

Risa: you two are not allowed breaks during work.

Meiko: she's at her limit so let her rest. I'll do the work for her.

Risa extended her boot toward Meiko.

Risa: lick it clean. If you do, I'll allow a break.

Meiko reacted by sending a kick toward Risa which she dodged with ease.

Y/n: terrifying.

Risa tried to hit Meiko but was grabbed and put into a headlock.

Risa broke free and moved a few feet away.

Meiko was about to fight back when a different voice started.....singing?

???:The "me" in Meiko is for meter~
Meiko's boobs are one meter around~

The person singing was the above ground student council (A.S.C.) president. The same girl who pointed at me a few days ago.

When she started singing Meiko completely stopped moving. Risa took this opportunity to knock her on the ground.

???: the I in Meiko is "in the dumps"~
Meiko's arua is like dark matter~
(I understand this "song" is weird just bare with me for a bit.)

Mari: M-Meiko?

???: She resisted so this treatment is only natural. If anything, we should punish her more...right risa?

Mari: that's enough kate!
(Here's Kate.)

Kate: do you want me to pardon her Mari? Then

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Kate: do you want me to pardon her Mari? Then.....get on your hands and knees and beg.

I didn't even know this girl and I already hated her. She said that last sentence with a sadistic smile on her face.

Despite this, I just couldn't bring myself to interject.

Hana: P-President?

Mari actually listened and got on her hands and knees.

Kate: Good...that is very good...

I never thought I would see the president like this....i don't know who Kate is, but.....im terrified.

A/n: hey wattpad, I hate to stop the chapter this early but I feel like thats a good spot to end it. I'm really exited for the rest of this story and I'm thankful for all of you who stuck around for a month. Also, I know that song in this chapter was...weird but it will make sense in the next chapter. Until next time!

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