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Y/N's POV:
11 days until expulsion.

Kiyoshi: the plan is to infitrate the office, and get the data from the hardrive but...

Gakuto: whether we're in here or in our cells, the doors are always locked.

Y/N: besides. We shouldn't even think about getting close to the office without a distraction.

(Small time skip)

Meiko: you will no longer have working hours after today. During the afternoons you can study in the main room.

Shingo: well we aren't getting outside the barricade anymore.

Gakuto: is there no weak point?

Y/N: whenever we're in the hallway the Vice president is keeping watch...

Joe: what does the vice president do in the office?

Shingo: eating good food or exercising I guess.

Gakuto: the only time the vice president isnt in the prison is during school and at night.

Kiyoshi: we're in our cells then.

Shingo: *sigh* there's no weak point.

Joe: shh!

*cell door opens.

Meiko: the faculty meeting just ended. Everyone was in favour of your expulsion. Now we just need the chairman's signature. That's all.

*cell door closes and locks.

Shingo: Damn, we're just losing time.

Gakuto: as things stand, the only way in the office is to steal the keys from the vice president.

Andre: you mean by force?

Kiyoshi: how will we do that?

Gakuto: we'll use her strength against her.

Time skip:

Gakuto: oh! Four wins in a row!

Kiyoshi: your too strong Andre!

Joe: Andre is the strongest in the whole school!

Shingo: saying he's the strongest is going a bit far.

Joe: but there's no one stronger than him.

Shingo: there is, the vice president!

Gakuto: yes, she is indeed quite strong.

Kiyoshi: even so, she's still a girl. She can't match up to Andre.

*cell door opens*

Meiko: so you think I'm weaker than this pig?

Kiyoshi: well can you beat him?

Meiko: "can I beat him"? Bring it on Andre.

Gakuto: before you take on Andre, I'll be you opponent.

Meiko: don't make me laugh four eyes, you think you can beat me?

Gakuto: I do! The daily labor we've been through has made me stronger.

He rolled down his shirt showing his chest as if to prove his point.

Gakuto: before you challenge Andre you have to beat me!

Meiko: it'll be a good warm up, bring it on!


Kiyoshi: use her strength against her?

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