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Akashi's Little Sister Fanfic by NobodyNamine
Akashi's Little Sister Fanficby NobodyNamine
Akashi Seijuro had a little sister all along? Now Akane is a freshman at Seirin. She joins the basketball club in hope of acting out her own revenge plan against her oni...
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Secret Supporter ( Kuroko no Basuke ) by SuzieChan
Secret Supporter ( Kuroko no SuzieChan
This is about a member that rarely showed himself, but he always helped the Generation of Miracles in middle school with their basketball. Of course he moved to America...
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☆★ Kuroko no Basuke Oneshots by gukvee
☆★ Kuroko no Basuke Oneshotsby —
knb x reader
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Kuroko No Basket❀ ﴾One-Shot﴿ by RinLovesFood
Kuroko No Basket❀ ﴾One-Shot﴿by オタクシャン♪
☠In the process of editing! ღEvery Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours, Is My Favoriteღ ✍Every Chapter Is A Love Journey Between You And Your KnB Partner. What Are The Cha...
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In Shadows | Kuroko no Basket Fan Fiction by redvelvetts
In Shadows | Kuroko no Basket lauren
Tsukino Gina faced a complete change in lifestyle when her family moved from Australia and back to Japan. Not only does she have to adjust to the switch of speaking Japa...
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Prison School x male reader by d3rpyXpenguin
Prison School x male readerby derpy penguin
fan made adaptation of Prison School all characters and content goes to the owners and creaters of Prison School!
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KNB Oneshots by Lucapyon
KNB Oneshotsby 。。。
SLOW UPDATE - (Current no. of requests: 4) Heya~ this is a series of random Kuroko no Basuke one-shots I wrote once I got the ideas. Hope you enjoy them and thank you fo...
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The little angel (KNB fanfic) by CallMeHoseok
The little angel (KNB fanfic)by JayJay
Rin Kasumi is a very athletic and rather petite 13 year old, she is pure Japanese but due to academics her and her cousin moved to England along with Rin's parents. She...
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Turn My Cold Heart To Iron (Kuroko No Basuke-Teppei Kiyoshi Fan Fiction) by retardedinpajamas
Turn My Cold Heart To Iron ( Red Maru
Ame Araki, a girl who doesn't care about the outside world and whose attention is hard to get. She's rather cold to others, including her younger sister Kyo who asks hel...
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Kuroko no Basket X Reader One Shots by yugbear
Kuroko no Basket X Reader One Shotsby 엘리
Hiii Please send me requests on certain scenarios for certain characters and stuff I hope you guys will enjoy reading REQUEST STATUS: OPEN
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Kuroko no Basket Fanfics [KnB x Reader - One Shots and Short Stories] by VioletArcher
Kuroko no Basket Fanfics [KnB x M.
A collection of romantic one shots involving you and various characters of the popular Japanese anime Kuroko no Basket. Disclaimer: All the plots and original characte...
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His 'Brother' (Kuroko no Basuke fanfic OC) by BeaHeroandDie
His 'Brother' (Kuroko no Basuke Smut Extraordinairé
Seirin has a new student. A sarcastic, idiotic, punny, loserish, Giant, student. A student who not only stirs up the basketball club, but makes Kiyoshi question his sexu...
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Devil in the Court by JenialCoran
Devil in the Courtby Astraeus Lacrimosa
She became a part of the Generation Of Miracles despite on being a petite and cute girl. She became the Top Student of their year and became the most responsible despite...
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Theory of Everything (Kiyoshi Teppei x Reader) by floaps
Theory of Everything (Kiyoshi Ikaaaa
"Teppei, what is your theory of me?" She asked with a smile he never knew she had, she asked with a voice he never knew he would miss it so badly in the future...
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Conjunto de one-shot de Kuroko no Basket by NicoNicoleP
Conjunto de one-shot de Kuroko NicoNicoleP
Conjunto de one-shot y a lo mejor algún drabble de Kuroko no Basket. Las parejas serán variadas pero todas yaoi, lo que quiere decir, relación hombrexhombre. Si no te gu...
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Demon In Love by akuraoyurika
Demon In Loveby shinigami akurao
cậu truyện chính của Akurao Yurika không đọc cũng không sao trong này sẽ có nhiều sự xuất hiện của các nhân vật từ nhiều anime khác nhau nên nếu không thích thì đừng đọc
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CRYSTAL ACADEMY (On-Going) by Zelleemae_18
CRYSTAL ACADEMY (On-Going)by Zelleemae_18
Isang paaralan kung saan ang mga tao ay may kapangyarihan o kung tawagin ay element. FIRE, WATER, WIND, EARTHQUAKE, LIGHT, and DARK. Dalawang bata ang may kakaibang ele...
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Prodigy? knb various x reader by Josuke-is-my-love
Prodigy? knb various x readerby Josuke-is-my-love
You've heard of the generation of miracles, 5 basketball prodigies. Now, another 'prodigy' has arisen to challenge them... if you could even call her that. join (f/n) as...
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Change [ONHOLD] by kokobop88
Change [ONHOLD]by 뿌
•MidoKuro FF•
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Comfort (Kiyoshi x Hyuuga) by givemeraki
Comfort (Kiyoshi x Hyuuga)by Pandasaurus
When Hyuuga comes home to find his parents fighting again, and when his parents don't bother to acknowledge him anymore, Hyuuga knows where to go. Warning: Contains se...
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