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A/N: sup wattpad, finally on part 10 of this story. Since we've had 10 parts, I'll show the prison school opening again because why not?


Andre: yay!

shingo: we get to be with the girls!

Gakuto: just as I predicted.

Y/N: what do you mean?

Gakuto: I have a plan.

Girl 1: ew.

Girl 2: they stink.

Girl 3: I hate this.

Shingo: I was looking forward to this but.....

Joe: this sucks.

Andre: really? I'm loving this.

Y/N: why do we have to be with the girls.

Girl 4: I think that one guy with the
H/C is kinda cute.

Kiyoshi: so whats this plan you metitioned Gakuto?

Y/N: yeah I'm kinda interested too.

Gakuto: the plan is to give kiyoshi more time outside in case Y/n's distraction fails.

Gakuto: I'll use this audio player. I'll download a mp3 of pooping sounds to reasure the VP that your actually in the lavatory.

Y/N: that's pretty smart-

In the middle of me speaking, a paper ball landed in front of me.

Y/N: did one of the girls throw this? Guess I'll open it.

Just as I was about to open it, I look to my right and see Meiko giving me a death stare.

Y/N: never mind.

Gakuto: theres no other option.

Y/N: what are you talking about.

Gakuto: if no poop mp3's will come up.......i have to make it come up.

Y/N: is he seriously gonna?

Kiyoshi: dont do it!

Y/N: yeah its social suicide!

Gakuto: theres no other option.

Y/N: I can't watch this, I'm going to the bathroom.


As I'm standing there peeing, I hear the bathroom door open.

Y/N: must be one of the guys.

Then I realized, the boys can only go one at a time to the bathroom.

Y/N: oh shit!

I instantly zip up my pants and turn.

Girl 1: hey cutie~

There where three girls standing in front of me......and front of the door.

Girl 2: there's 10 minutes of class left~

Girl 3: we can do a lot in 10 minutes~

Y/N: I'm screwed!

Meiko: what are you girls doing in here?!

Girl 1: sorry!

Girl 3: we'll leave!

Y/N: Meiko you saved me, those girls wer-

Meiko: unbelievable...

Y/N: huh?

Meiko: as soon as I get back from telling the president about your note passing incident. Your in here with a bunch of girls!

Y/N: wait no I-

Meiko: shut up! I cant wait to see the rope you'll hang from!

Y/N: what do you-

Meiko: come with me!

I followed Meiko to the U.S.C. office and she opened the door.

Mari: what is it Mei- Y/N?

Meiko: he was in the restroom with a bunch of girls.

Mari: are you serious?!

Meiko: yes.

Y/N: can I just-

Mari: Y/n.

Y/N: Y-yes?

Mari: have you ever been hog tied?

Y/N: I'm gonna die!

Y/N: can I just explain myself.

Mari: fine, go ahead.

Y/N: I just went to the restroom and those girls came in. It was sexual assault, not polygamy!

Meiko: that's a lie! I sa-

Mari: I believe him.

Meiko: but president!

Mari: besides, it wont happen again.

Meiko: how can you be so sure.

Mari: no girls can get to him if he's stuck in the prison.

Y/N: yeah it wont happen agai- wait what?

Meiko: are you sure it wont happen

Y/N: Y-yeah, I'm sure.

Mari: prove it.

Y/N: huh?

Mari: give us a kiss as proof.

Y/N: o-ok.

I walked up to Meiko and gave her a long kiss on the lips.

I did the same with Mari, but when I kissed her she stuck her tounge into my mouth.

Mari: mmm~

Mari: i'd say that was proof enough~

Time skip:

Meiko: you can start your work but first......whats with the pants

Gakuto: I had a malfunction.

Meiko: what kind of malfunction.

Gakuto: during class, yours truly.......shit himself.

Y/N: oh my f*cking god.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It was fun making It. I wanted to ask if you guys would like to see the opening every chapter or not. I didn't really think about it until now. Also, do you want longer chapters? I noticed my chapters I kinda short. If I make them longer I might not publish a chapter daily, so you choose.

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