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Y/n's POV:

Meiko: shit!

The fire from the tree grew quickly. It sucked up the oxygen in the air, and the smoke burned out noses.

Mari: we have to save the crows!

Y/n: we can't, it's too dangerous!

Suddenly Chiyo and some other students nearby came with fire extinguishers.

Time skip:

After a group effort, the fire was finnaly put out.

Kiyoshi who heard the commotion, also helped.

Kate: Meiko, what have you done? Your lucky we put the fire out.

Kate was reprimanding Meiko for her mistake.

Kate: in addition to the fire, Mari and Y/n came here without permission. Shouldn't that count as an escape?

Kate: it seems the underground student council will have their sentences extended.

Kate: everyone look infront of you.

The crowd that helped put out the fire was still standing there, listening.

Kate: the U.S.C. has caused turmoil and made everyone's lives worse. Let this be an opportunity to rethink whether or not we actually need a U.S.C.

Kate: we the student council, will now seek the disbandment of the U.S.C.!

Kate: Meiko, its your fault the crows were roasted and it's your fault the U.S.C. will be eliminated. You've always been like this, make everyone's lives worse ever since you were a kid.

Y/n: I think that's enough.

Kate: excuse me?

Y/n: I highly doubt Meiko would of burned down that tree on purpose. I think she's already dealt with enough without your bullying.

Meiko: Y/n.....

Kate: "bullying?" Ok, but as I said your sentences are still extended.

Time skip:

Although the situation has calmed down, there's no doubt plenty of rumors are spreading around the school. About the whole fire, and the U.S.C.'s disbandment.

Meiko still won't leave her cell, this incident has really effected her.

Risa: open the cells!

Me and Mari stepped out of our cells; just our morning routine. (Hana is still with the A.S.C. and not in the prison.)

Risa: where's the other one? Is she still asleep?

Mari: I'll go wake her.

Mari walked into Meiko's cell and crouched down next to her.

Mari: Meiko there's nothing to worry about, what happened was just an accident, don't beat yourself up.

Meiko: miss, who are you?

Mari: m-Meiko, it's me Mari...
You don't regonize me?

Meiko: s-sorry, I guess I'm not feeling well.

She was more than "not feeling well". Because of the trauma she faced in the last few days, Meiko has developed anterograde amnesia. She forgot everything that happened in the recent past and can only recall long term memories from before the traumatic event.

Time skip:

Andre: she's mentally unstable?

Mari: yes, the fire from yesterday has put her in a state of shock.

Andre: you want to slack off so much you'll make up some lie?

Andre: vice president.

Andre grabbed Meiko by the collar of her shirt.

Meiko: please let go of me!

Andre: w-wait, this is a joke right? Your just teasing me right?

Meiko: I-I'm sorry.

Andre: t-that's not right. Abuse me! Call me a pig like normal!

Meiko: I can't say somthing so awful.

Y/n: look, I understand your upset but you need to calm down andre.

Meiko was released from andre's grip and hid behind me while grabbing my arm.

Y/n: its like she's a little kid...

(Sometime later)

Meiko: eek a bug!

Mari: it's okay, the bugs gone now.

Kate: what a surprise. Meiko, are you really acting like you did back in elementary?

Kate: well anyway, I came to tell you that for setting the fire, your sentences will be extended by a week.

Kate: except for hana's. After all, she's a model prisoner, and your the ones who started the problem.

Kate: she'll be released tomorrow.

Kate: the underground student council is done for.

A/n: hey wattpad, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Another one should come out next week. With Hana leaving the prison, someone else will be replacing her in the next chapter. Until next time!

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