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Y/n's POV:

Y/n: Breakout? Like, escape?

Mari: yes, that's what I mean.

Y/n: I-I mean, that's kinda-

Mari: Y/n, I wouldn't bring this up if I wasn't serious. Also, I can't do this without you. Let me explain...

Mari: Kate recorded a video of the bath today.

Y/n: that's great...

Mari: also, there's a sports festival coming up.

Y/n: yeah, I've heard about it.

Mari: well, me and Kate decided that whoever loses the sports festival gets their student council abolished. But, if I compete she'll use that video to her advantage.

Y/n: so we breakout and steal the video from her. Problem solved.

Mari: sadly that won't work. She likely has dozens of backups.

Y/n: then what do we do?

Mari: I have an idea, if we can breakout the day before the festival then maybe.....

Mari trailed off and mumbled somthing.

Mari: I'm gonna need your help though. I'll give you the details tomorrow.

Time skip:

Y/n: I was thinking about it all night, if we're gonna break out I'll have to get kiyoshi on board.

Mari: I'm sure he'll comply. He should hate this place just as much as we do.

(In the prison)

Kiyoshi: I can't.

Mari: what do you mean you can't? You broke out once didn't you?

Kiyoshi: yes but....we were able to escape before because of our teamwork. Right now we only have three of us.

Mari: even if your friends aren't in here, their still on the outside.

Y/n: yeah, if anything that will make it easier.

Kiyoshi: like I said, I still can't do it.

Mari: I don't see the problem.

Kiyoshi: you don't get it, I couldn't help even if I wanted because their not my friends anymore!

Y/n: what do you mean? Weren't you guys close friends?

Kiyoshi: that was awhile ago, stuff happened and now they all hate me.

Mari: well without the other boys escape is impossible!

Y/n: couldn't you at least try to ask them? We need them to escape.

Kiyoshi: I'll try, but don't get your hopes up.

Time skip:

It was the next day and we were doing some basic work. Gakuto is supervising along with Risa.

I saw Gakuto and kiyoshi talking a bit until Risa noticed and confronted them.

Risa: what have you bastards been whispering about?

Gakuto: I was discussing with him the  plan for future events.

Gakuto held up the A.S.C. event calender.

As we finished our work risa and Gakuto walked away.

Kiyoshi: change in plans we're getting out of prison!

Mari: just this morning you said it couldn't be done, what changed all of a sudden.

Y/n: did Gakuto agree to help?

Kiyoshi: somthing like that...

Kiyoshi finnaly had that determined look in his eye that I haven't seen in a while.

Kiyoshi: before we start this plan, if we get out of here, the U.S.C. will survive, right.

Mari: yes...i will ensure that.

I was skeptical at first but, there was now a spark of hope that we might actually escape.

A/n: hey wattpad, hope you liked this one. These updates take forever because it's difficult to fit this whole story together but I'm trying. Also I'm working on to books at once If you didn't know which slows down The updates a lot. Anyway I'll see you next time!

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