The time has come.

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Y/N: wonder whats keeping gaku-

Just then, Gakuto walked into the cell.

Kiyoshi: Gakuto, what happened man!?

Gakuto: as punishment for my rudeness, I requested that the vice president shave my hair.

Gakuto: as punishment for my rudeness, I requested that the vice president shave my hair

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Y/N: he's completely bald.

Kiyoshi: how is this for the breakout.

Gakuto: you will wear the hair like this.

Gakuto put his strands of hair up to kiyoshi's head.

Kiyoshi: eww gross dude.

Y/N: its for a wig idiot.

Kiyoshi: oh I get it.

Y/N: seriously Gakuto, is this all worth it?

Gakuto: tis nothing compared to my figurine sir Y/N.

Kiyoshi: Gakuto.....your sacrifices won't be in vain.

Y/N: are you seriously crying?

Gakuto: it is much to early to cry sir kiyoshi. Save your tears for when the breakout is a success.

Kiyoshi: yeah, I wont fail.

Time skip:

Gakuto: today is Friday.

Y/N: you break out tomorrow.

Gakuto: we still need a girls uniform from the cleaning man.

Y/N: he's been going back and forth all day.

Gakuto: at this rate, kiyoshi won't be able to get a uniform.


Cleaning man: huh? You talking to me?

Y/N: I get what he's doing...

Gakuto: you were laughing at my bald head!

Cleaning man: why would I?

Gakuto: dont fuck with me!

Cleaning man: your starting to annoy me brat.

Gakuto: then come over here!

Cleaning man: I'm already coming.

Gakuto: yoyo, are you dissing me old man?

Cleaning man: what?!

Y/N: is he pissing his pants?

Shingo: hey, what are you doing shingo!?

Cleaning man: are you his friend?

Shingo: yes, I'm sorry my friend is crazy.

Cleaning man: whatever, punk kids.

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