Roadtrip Confessions

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"I'm so sorry ok I should've told you before now but I was afraid of how you'd react and I didn't wanna hurt you again" I say apologetically as I rubbed her back. "Don't touch me and how the hell do you think I feel now Lucy" Kendrah says angrily as she pushes me away from her. "I'm sorry ok if I could go back and change this I would but I can't" I say sincerely as I tried hugging her but she stepped back. "Don't come near me right now... I can't believe this is happening" Kendrah says with her voice cracking as she paces on the sidewalk. I should've kept my mouth shut but I ended up saying the stupidest thing ever.

"Logan, James, and I should've just told you from the very beginning" I say then put my hand over my mouth. "Excuse me... James knew about this" Kendrah asks as her jaw drops. "Yes... he found out when he overheard me telling Logan before they left for the tour" I say feeling a knot in my stomach. "Just great so all three of you have been lying to me for months awesome" Kendrah says sarcastically as she gives me a dark glare. "We can talk more about this while we get something to eat come on" I say as I grabbed her arm pulling her to the Denny's entrance.

"Forget it I'm not going anywhere with you traitor" Kendrah says coldly as she yanks her arm away from me again. "Kendrah please we've been driving for hours and I know your hungry to so let's just get some food ok" I pleaded with her. "Fine whatever just keep your hands off me" Kendrah says frowning as she storms back into the restaurant. Once we got sat down at our table, Kendrah got up to go to the bathroom again so I took that opportunity to call James. "Hey there gorgeous you caught me just before I was going to bed what's up" James says softly as he answers his phone. "Just thought I would give you a heads up, Kendrah just found out about my pregnancy" I say getting straight to the point.

"Oh my god I was afraid of this happening... how did she take it" James asks concerned. "She's hurt and angry which I don't blame her for... um my big mouth also told her that you've known the whole time to" I admitted shamefully. "You did what! Damn it Lucy..." James says a little angrily. "I'm sorry ok I didn't mean to it just came out" I say sniffling a little. "It's ok I know you didn't... is Kendrah there I wanna talk to her" James says sighing a little. "Yeah she's just coming back from the bathroom hold on.... James wants to talk to you sweetie" I say as I hand her my phone. Kendrah just frowns as she takes my phone and puts it to her ear.

Kendrah's P.O.V.

"Hello" I say with edge in my voice. "Hey princess" James says smoothly. "Nice try but sweet talking me isn't getting you off the hook for lying idiot" I say coolly. "Ok I know your angry and you have every right to be, I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I was trying to protect you from being hurt like I was" James says soothingly. "And how do you think I feel now James" I say softly as I sniffled. "I'm really really sorry, please don't be mad at me" James pleaded. "I'll think about it" I say sarcastically. "That's all I'm asking, so we're ok for right now" James asks hopefully.

"I guess so... I gotta go cuz I'm really tired" I say sighing. "Ok honey get some sleep and I'll see you in the morning I love you babygirl" James says sweetly. "I love you to jackass goodnight" I say scoffing as we both hung up and I handed Lucy her phone back. "So are you and James ok" Lucy asks as she finished ordering her food. "We will be" I say as I looked at the menu then ordered my food. "What about us, are we still ok" Lucy asks as she reaches for my hand but I snatched it back. "What do you think" I say fiercely as I glared at her. "I think I'll keep my mouth shut right now" Lucy says quietly as our server brought our drinks then walked away. "Good idea" I say as I rolled my eyes and sipped my soda.

After we finished eating and paid for our meal, we walked back out to my car quietly. "Do you want me to drive" Lucy asks as I leaned on the door yawning. "Sure whatever let's just go" I say annoyed as I tossed her my keys and got in the passengers side slamming my door shut. "Kendrah I know your furious right now and I don't blame you whatsoever but can we please talk" Lucy says as she backs out of the parking lot and starts driving. "I'm not in a talking mood so just do me a favor and leave me the hell alone right now" I say angrily as I crossed my arms and looked out the window. Lucy just stayed silent as we drove for another two hours before she stopped at a gas station.

"I'm gonna go fill up your tank and get a snack do you want anything" Lucy asks as she pulls up to one of the pumps and parks. "I'll take a Pepsi and a chocolate bar thanks" I say as I ran my fingers through my hair. "No problem be right back" Lucy says as she grabs her wallet and waddles inside the gas station. I just sat in the car thinking about my conversation with Lucy and was still trying to process everything when Lucy walked back out with a solemn look on her face. "What's wrong" I asked curiously as I took my drink and snack from her.

"I was grabbing a few magazines to read on our trip and this one was on sale thought you would wanna see it" Lucy says as she tosses me one of the magazines. As I looked at it my jaw dropped when I saw the picture that was set up of Jett and I kissing on the cover. "This is not happening right now" I mumbled to myself as Lucy got back in the car after she finished pumping gas. "So what are you going to do" Lucy asks as she drives again. "Make sure that no one else ever sees this" I say as I frantically stuffed the magazine into the very bottom of my duffle bag. Great start to my vacation ha not!

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