Cheerleading Competition

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Kendrah's P.O.V.

The one thing I forgot about coming on this trip is that Lucy and I also had a cheerleading competition the freaking next day after my ruined anniversary. As I got up the next morning, I saw Lucy already up and dressed smiling at me. "Good morning captain, you ready to kick some ass" Lucy says enthusiastically as I got off my bed. "Ready as I'll ever be, give me a half hour" I say sighing as I went into the bathroom and jumped in the shower.

It took me about thirty minutes to shower, change into my uniform, and do my hair and makeup. After we got our shoes on with me helping Lucy since she couldn't bend that far, we walked out of our hotel room just as James and Logan walked out of theirs. "Hey look we got some sexy cheerleaders on our floor" Logan says as he whistled at us and came up behind me grabbing my waist. "Yeah one who's feet are killing her by the way" Lucy says pouting. "Climb on" James says as he stands in front of her. "Are you sure" Lucy asks apprehensively. "Luce even if I'm mad at you I'm not that cruel to let you walk on swollen feet now shut up and get on" James demands as he rolls his eyes. "Thanks James your the best" Lucy says giggling as she climbed on his back.

"See you guys downstairs" James says as he walks away carrying Lucy. "My turn" Logan says smiling as he grabs my waist but I shoved him back. "Fat chance creep I'll walk" I say coolly as I started walking away from him until I was lifted off the ground. "Yeah I don't think so" Logan says smirking as he threw me over his shoulder. "Put me down you pig" I say angrily as I punched his back. "Nah this is to fun" Logan says laughing as he ran downstairs still carrying me. "I said put me down now you bastard" I say feeling my blood boil as we got downstairs to the lobby. "Your wish is my command babe, your so sexy when your angry" Logan says licking his lips as he sets me down and kisses my neck.

"Get off me pervert ugh" I say in an icy tone as I stepped on his foot and slapped him in the face hard. "Ok guess I had that coming" Logan says sighing as he rubbed his cheek. "You'll get more then a slap if you touch me again moron" I say rolling my eyes as I turned my back to him. "Kendrah can we please talk after your competition" Logan begged as he grabbed my hand squeezing it. "Let me think about that um no and don't touch me loser" I say snarling as i snatched my hand back from him and walked over to the rest of my squad who had just got into the lobby.

"Guys I can't believe it it's finally competition day" my friend Camille says as we all headed into the huge conference room where our cheer competition was being held. "Ok now I'm suddenly nervous" my friend Jessica says as she and the other girls look out at the crowd. "Don't be guys we've been practicing this routine for months and we have the best captain ever leading us" Lucy says as she walks up behind me squeezing my shoulder. "Thanks for that Lucy and she's right you guys we can do this routine in our sleep, just do the best you can ok" I say as I looked around at my team smiling. Everyone else just nodded their heads as we all stood off to the side of a curtain backstage and watched one of the other teams perform.

"Boo!" I hear James yell as he and the other boys snuck up behind us making all of us jump. "James your such an ass" I say rolling my eyes as I hit his shoulder playfully. "Maybe but you love me anyway, good luck princess" James says smirking as he kissed my cheek. "Your lucky I do and thank you" I say giggling a little as I hugged him back. "Sorry you can't perform Lucy" Carlos says as he hugs her and I high five Kendall. "It's ok I'll still be over here on the sidelines cheering my girls on" Lucy says smiling as she squeezes my shoulder after she hugged all the boys before they took their seats well besides Logan the perv who stood by me.

"Well we better go get into our places" Camille says as she and the other girls get into formation as the guys walked away from us. "Am I allowed to give you a good luck hug" Lucy asks nervously as she holds her arms open. "As much as I'd rather you not touch me, I'll allow this one come here" I say sighing as I pulled her towards me and hugged her. Lucy just breathed a sigh of relief as she hugged me back. "Thank you, now go kick some ass captain" Lucy says as she squeezes my shoulder then walked over to the sidelines leaving me alone with Logan the creep.

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