Roadtrip Confessions

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Lucy's P.O.V.

Today's the day finally Kendrah and I will get time off work to go spend a weekend with our boys. Ok well Kendrah will I've already made a few trips to see them but that's because Logan and I have been secretly having sex. Don't judge me I know it's wrong ok. "Hey you all packed and ready to go" Kendrah asks as she walks out of her room dressed with her suitcases. "Hell yes you ready to hit the road" I ask excitedly as I grabbed my suitcase and my phone. "Yep let's do this" Kendrah says as she grabs her car keys and we head out of our apartment.

Just as we had gotten off the elevator and we were heading to the lobby entrance, Jett the despicable creep decided to grab Kendrah around her waist. "Hey babe where are you going" Jett says smirking as he kisses her neck. "Don't call me that, and far away from you twerp so get the fuck off me ugh" Kendrah says coolly as she stepped on his foot and slapped him in the face. "Jett just fuck off for once" I say angrily as I shoved him away from us and walked us out to the parking lot. "Definite highlight to this trip will be getting away from that jerk for a few days" Kendrah says scoffing as we loaded our stuff into the trunk and got in her car.

"True just forget about him and let's focus on seeing our amazing boyfriends" I say smiling as Kendrah starts backing out of the parking lot. "Your right besides I got my anniversary to think about anyway" Kendrah says grinning as she drives. "Exactly and knowing Logan he's got something amazing planned for you two" I say winking. After about four hours into our drive, I started feeling really nauseous which I knew was from my morning sickness. "Kendrah could you pull over please" I asked as I hunched over in my seat. "Yeah sure" Kendrah says as she finds a Denny's and parks in a spot. Once she stopped, I bolted out of the car and ran into the bathroom fast.

I heard Kendrah walk in after I had started throwing up in the toilet and felt her come pull my hair back. "Lucy are you ok" Kendrah asks concerned as she rubs my back while I wiped my mouth. "Y-yeah I'm fine I-I guess I-I just got a l-little carsick" I stuttered as I got up off the ground. "Are you sure that's all it is Luce because you've been getting nauseous for months.... if I didn't know better I'd think you were pregnant" Kendrah says giggling a little. Damn it... time to reveal one of my biggest secrets to her. "That's because I am pregnant..." I say sighing as I ran my fingers through my hair.

"Oh my god are you serious" Kendrah asks as she looks at me shocked. I just stayed quiet as I nodded my head and looked at the floor. "I'm about six months along actually" I whispered. "Wow um congratulations I guess but why didn't you tell me until now" Kendrah asks as she hugs me and smiles. "Because your going to hate me when I tell you who the father is" I say as I kicked the ground. "What do you mean" Kendrah asks as she grabs my hand squeezing it. "You think I'm having James's baby right" I ask as I looked up at her.

"Well yeah why wouldn't I I mean he is your boyfriend" Kendrah says laughing a little. "True... but he's not the only person I've slept with..." I say in a hinting way then squeezed her hand again. It took a few minutes until it dawned on her who I was referring to before she pulled her hand away from me and looked at me with wide eyes. "Oh my god.... your having Logan's baby aren't you... Kendrah asked in a sad voice and I saw tears forming in her eyes. I didn't know what to say because the look on her face broke my heart so I just nodded my head and stared at the ground again.

"I... what... oh my god I'm gonna be sick" Kendrah says as she runs out of the bathroom with tears running down her face. "Kendrah wait!" I yelled frantically as I caught up with her outside Denny's and grabbed her arm. "Let go of me you lying bitch" Kendrah says coolly as she tries yanking her arm away from me but I just held it tighter. "No not until we talk about this please just hear me out" I begged as I gave her a puppy face. "What's there to talk about, your pregnant with me boyfriends baby and you've been lying to me about it for months... how could you" Kendrah says sniffling as she yanks her arm away from me and wipes her face.

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