Hotel room drama

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Logan's P.O.V.

"Logan can I talk to you for a minute" James asks as he walks into our hotel room while I was wrapping a gift for Kendrah. "Sure what's up" I ask as I set the gift down after I wrapped it. "I just got off the phone with Lucy and Kendrah and um... Kendrah knows Lucy's pregnant with your baby..." James says apprehensively. "What! How did she find out" I ask as I jumped off my bed. "Lucy got nauseous on the drive here so they stopped at Denny's and everything just spilled out from there" James says as he leans against the wall. "Oh man.... how mad is Kendrah" I ask sighing as I rubbed my head.

"Mad enough to where she's not speaking to Lucy and I won't be surprised if she beats the hell out of you when they get to the hotel" James says laughing. "Haha very funny, does she know that you knew to" I ask as I put my hands on my hips. "Oh yeah because my girlfriend has a big mouth so she's not to happy with me either" James says sarcastically. "I'm sorry I got you in the middle of this bro" I say apologetically as I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder. "It's okay, I just hope for your sake she's calmed down the rest of the way otherwise your toast" James says smirking a little. "Did Lucy say how far away they were" I ask just as James's phone rings.

"Hold that thought... hey babe are you guys here" James asks as he puts his phone on speaker. "Yep we're in the lobby getting our keys to our room" Lucy says excitedly. "Great we'll meet you guys down there, is Kendrah still pretty angry" James asks as he looks over at me nervously. "With Logan oh yeah but I think she'll be ok seeing you" Lucy says giggling a little. "Ok see you in a few minutes, I love you" James says smiling. "I love you to my pig" Lucy says giggling again as they hang up. "Oh man I'm toast" I say sighing as I kicked the floor.

"Maybe a little come on dummy" James says smirking as he pulls me over to the stairs and we ran down to the lobby. When we got down there, we saw Lucy and Kendrah still checking in so we snuck up behind them and grabbed their waists. "Excuse me ladies did you order some handsome bellboys" James says smirking as he kisses Lucy's cheek making her turn around. "James! I missed you so much" Lucy says as she hugs him tightly and pecks his lips. "I missed you to babygirl and the little peanut" James says as he holds her and kisses her belly. "Hey baby, I'm glad you were able to come down this weekend" I say charmingly as I turned Kendrah around and kissed her.

Kendrah kissed me back for a minute then she shoved me off her and slapped me in the face. "I guess I deserved that" I say as I rubbed my stinging cheek. "There's a lot more where that came from you lying bastard" Kendrah says angrily as she crosses her arms. "Ok before you get your ass kicked let's get our beautiful girls up to their rooms" James says as he takes Lucy's suitcase from her. I just nodded my head as I grabbed Kendrah's suitcase avoiding her dark glare as we headed back upstairs. "Hey look you guys got the room right across from us" James says excitedly as Lucy opens the door and we all headed into their room. "Woohoo yay for us" Kendrah says sarcastically as she sets her suitcase and duffel bag on the ground.

"Ok we're gonna go and give you guys some privacy, but are we ok" James asks as he walks over to Kendrah and squeezes her hand. "Depends got any other secrets you haven't told me" Kendrah asks as she narrows her eyes at him. "Nope just that one and I'm so sorry I didn't tell you" James says as he gives her a puppy face. "Your forgiven idiot" Kendrah says rolling her eyes as she hugs him. James just laughed as he hugged her back ruffling her hair then he and Lucy walked out. "Are we still on speaking terms" I ask hopefully as I walked over and grabbed her waist. "What do you think the answer to that is and get off of me" Kendrah says coolly as she pushes me away from her. "Babe I don't blame you for being angry ok I should've told you before now and I'm sorry" I say sincerely as I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "Sorry isn't gonna cut it, and why didn't you tell me before now" Kendrah says coolly as she yanks her hand away from me.

"Because I knew you were going to be upset and I was trying to protect you from being hurt again" I say sighing as I looked at the floor. "Little late for that don't you think, I can't believe this is happening" Kendrah whispers as I looked up at her and saw a few tears down her cheeks. I didn't know what to say at that point as my stomach tightened into a knot so I just did the only thing I could think of and hugged Kendrah tightly. Kendrah tried squirming away from me at first but then she gave in and hugged me back as she cried into my chest. "Hey look at me" I say sternly as I lifted her chin up. Kendrah just stayed silent as she looked up at me with puffy eyes and sniffled. "I know this whole situation sucks and I'm beyond sorry that I lied to you about it but I honestly thought I was doing the right thing by not telling you" I say honestly as I wiped her tears and kissed her cheek. "I guess I can understand why you didn't" Kendrah says sighing a little. "So does that mean I'm forgiven" I ask hopefully.

"Depends do you have anymore secrets that you haven't told me" Kendrah asks as she sits up and crosses her arms. "Of course not why would you think that" I ask nervously. "Then your forgiven for now and you better not because I swear to god if you ever lie to me or betray me again then we are done got it" Kendrah says fiercely as she gives me a dark look. "Got it, I promise all honesty from here on out" I say as I made an x over my chest feeling the knot in my stomach get bigger. "Good, you know what it's been a long day and I'm exhausted" Kendrah says yawning as she walks over to her suitcase grabbing her clothes as my phone vibrated. "Ok we can go to bed then cuz James just texted me and said Lucy's staying with him so looks like your stuck with me" I say smirking as I stood behind her holding her waist as I kissed her neck. "To bad your sleeping in the other bed" Kendrah says as she elbows me in the stomach and takes off her clothes except her bra and underwear putting a lace robe over her. "What why" I say pouting.

"Because your still on thin ice for lying to me moron" Kendrah says rolling her eyes. "Hey I thought I was forgiven for that" I say raising my eyebrow at her. "You are but I'm still punishing you for it which means your not allowed near me for the night" Kendrah says as she walks by me swaying her hips but before she got to her bed, I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist. "Yeah I don't think so" I say cocky as I pecked her lips. "Put me down creep" Kendrah says frowning as she glared at me. "As you wish princess" I say smugly as I laid her on her bed and got on top of her. "I meant what I said your not getting me tonight so get off me you little twerp" Kendrah says furiously as she spit in my face. "Makeup sex first" I say winking as I squeezed her ass and rubbed her chest which earned me a hard punch in the face. "Ugh your a disgusting pig" Kendrah says pissed off. "But I'm your pig and you love me for it" I say smirking as I started taking her robe off until she shoved me hard making me fall off her bed.

"Your dumbass is lucky I do, goodnight" Kendrah says sarcastically as she turns her back to me and closes her eyes. I sat on the floor waiting until she was finally asleep and when she was, I got back in her bed and laid next to her with my arms around her waist. I hope and pray she never finds out about what Lucy and I have been doing was the last thought on my mind as I went to sleep.

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