Big Time Audition

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Kendrah's P.O.V.

It's been three months since the guys left and I miss my man like crazy. We talk or FaceTime everyday but it's not the same as having him here. Good thing I've had other distractions like cheerleading and auditions. Speaking of Lucy and I are on our way to audition for Newtown High right now and before you all ask yes Logan's cool with me doing it. "Hey Lucy do I look ok" I ask nervously as I walked out to the living room in a black mini skirt and red halter top. "You look hot girl and your gonna kill your audition today" Lucy says smiling as she squeezes my shoulder. "I hope your right, you ready to go" I ask as I nod in approval of her outfit which is a pair of black jeans and a red tank top.

"Yep let's hit it" Lucy says as we grab our purses and phones then head out to the elevator then the parking lot. After a 20 minute drive, we finally pulled up in front of the studio and headed inside. "Hey guys you made it" Jo says enthusiastically as she hugs Lucy and I. "Thank you so much for getting us these auditions Jo I'm so excited" I say smiling as I clapped my hands. "Of course anything for my girls plus it will be more fun to film this show with my friends instead of well you know who" Jo says rolling her eyes. "That's the only negative part about this is that we have to see Jett everyday" Lucy says making a look of disgust.

"Did I hear my name" Jett says as he comes up behind us and puts his arm around my shoulder. "Ugh speak of the devil" I say frowning as I slapped his hand away from me. "Now how did a guy like me end up working with three very sexy women" Jett says winking as he grips my waist. "Hands off you chauvinist pig" I say coolly as I elbowed him in the stomach. "And on that note I'm out come on Lucy your audition scene is with me" Jo says as she runs to the stage. "You gonna be ok with this creep" Lucy says scoffing as she hugs me.

"I'll be fine good luck girl" I say smiling as I hugged her back then she ran to the stage. "So I hear your playing my love interest babe" Jett says smirking as he wraps his arms around my waist and dips me to the ground. "You heard right unfortunately and get off me loser" I snarled as I shoved him off me and spit in his face. "Feisty I like it" Jett says chuckling. "Listen up you fucking dick because I'm only saying this once got it" I say coldly as I grabbed him by his shirt collar. "Got it babe" Jett says smugly as he squeezes my ass making me slap him in his stupid face. "The only time your allowed anywhere near me is when we're filming other than that don't talk to me and don't you ever touch me again ugh" I say angrily as I kneed him in the groin and punched him in the face hard.

"Kendrah your up" I hear Jo say as she and Lucy walk back over to me. "Ok I'll be right there" I say as I rubbed my fist and glared at Jett. "You ok sweetie" Lucy asks as she rubs my back. "Yeah I'm fine just ready to get this audition over with" I say sighing as I hugged Lucy and walked onto the set with Jett right behind me. "Ok Kendrah this is simple your playing a popular head cheerleader named Brittany who doesn't like egotistical creeps and Jett is playing Drake a star quarterback and bad boy who's trying to get you to be his even though he's a player" the director says smirking. "Which I know I will" Jett mumbles in my ear as he winks at me. I just scoffed as I rolled my eyes at him.

"In this scene your gonna be standing by your locker just putting books away and Jett's character is gonna be trying to kiss you and you just do anything to get away from him ok even though he's persistent" the director says as we get into our spots. "Got it" I say as I leaned against my locker prop. "Ok and action" the director says as the cameras start rolling as I turned around opening the locker as Jett walks up behind me. "Hey there sexy wanna go see a movie sometime" Jett says as he grabs my waist tightly. "Fat chance loser and get your hands off me" I say rolling my eyes as I shoved him away from me and slammed my locker shut.

"Come on Brittany you know how this works your the head cheerleader, I'm our star quarterback together we rule this school" Jett says as he grabs my ass. "Do that again creep I dare you" I say threateningly as I grabbed his shirt collar. "Your wish is my command" Jett says smugly as he pins me to the locker and kisses me passionately. "Ugh you disgust me pervert" I say pissed off as I punched Jett in the face hard as the cameras filmed us. "And cut that was amazing you two great job" the director says clapping her hands as the cameras stop rolling. "So I got the part" I asked as I looked at her curiously. "Yes you did sweetie congratulations" the director says as she shakes my hand.

"Thank you so much" I say happily as I shook her hand. "Your welcome but I'd like to see you and Jett in my office before you go" the director says as she walks off as I headed back to Lucy. "So how did your audition go" Lucy asks nervously. "I got the part how about you" I asked as I winked at her. "I got mine to this is awesome let's go celebrate" Lucy says as she high fives me. "You go ahead I'll be there as soon as I'm done with the director" I say as I hugged her. "Ok see ya at home" Lucy says as she heads out of the studio with Jo as I walked into our directors office.

"Ok so what's up" I asked as I sat in a chair next to Jett. "We want to create buzz for yours and Jett's characters so we set up a hot and steamy photo shoot for you two tomorrow" the director says smiling. "How hot and steamy are we talking here" I ask as I scrunched my eyebrows together. "Just a few of him pinning you to the locker, some make out shots, a few of him undressing you, and one of you guys looking like you made love" the director says mischievously. "Hell yes I'm so down for that" Jett says as he winks at me. "What about you Kendrah are you in" the director asks as she looks at me. "Do I have a choice? Fine whatever" I say as I crossed my arms.

"Good I'll see you both tomorrow" the director says as she dismisses us and Jett and I both walk out of her office. "We're gonna look so good in our pictures tomorrow babe" Jett says in a cocky tone as he slaps my ass. "Don't call me that and keep your filthy hands off me you pig" I say annoyed as I spit in his face and walked to the entrance only to have Jett pick me up and set me on the counter. "Let's practice now feisty girl" Jett says as he grips my waist tightly. "Forget it loser and I'm saying this one more time so shut up and listen" I say coolly as I yanked his shirt collar. "Yes ma'am" Jett says smugly as he picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist.

"Unless we're working together I don't wanna be anywhere near you so don't talk to me and don't touch me ever again you disgusting bastard" I say furiously as I punched him in his stupid face then jumped down and stormed out of the studio. Tomorrow's gonna be great haha not!

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