All over again ↠ k.knight by k-knight13
All over again ↠ k.knightby a.lester
"ASHLEE?!" Ashlee Scotts, A Girl from Minnesota, Comes to LA to pursue her dream of becoming a country singer, Working for Gustavo Roque. She Leaves Behind Fou...
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Big Time Pre-Teen Girl Trouble by rainbowpal
Big Time Pre-Teen Girl Troubleby rainbowpal
Katie has been acting out lately and won't talk to Kendall or the others and they're worried about her. Ms. Knight is completely out of ideas to help out her daughter. O...
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HYPNOTIC     {K. KNIGHT} by -voidtrina
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This is a book full of your favorite (and not so favorite) scenes of Big Time Rush. I have short stories and one shots in here, too! Also, this will be my new tag book s...
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The four babies that got left at Logan's doorstep by Priceisrightrusher
The four babies that got left at L...by Priceisrightrusher
Logan Henderson wakes up to four babies that were crying, and he gets up to see where the crying was coming from. Low and behold in four little baskets were four baby gi...
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Can I change The Fuckgirl? (Camren)  by xxalex_jamesxx
Can I change The Fuckgirl? (Camren...by Alex.
Sequel to Can I Change the Fuckboy? Lauren, Kendall and James have been arrested. But then kidnapped. Camila gets a call from an unknown number, and must go and find the...
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Found in the Crowd ➳ Logan Henderson by SparkyTheKitten
Found in the Crowd ➳ Logan Henders...by melody
DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was 13/14... It needs editing but other than that I believe it's a good read ;) Others in the series: Can Love Survive? The Final Piece W...
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All Over Again (A James Maslow Fanfiction) *editing* by dxlanrush
All Over Again (A James Maslow Fan...by Z & S
You knew Kendall, Logan, Carlos & James since you were babies: You, Logan, Carlos and Kendall got along really well. But then there was James- You never got along with...
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Una Verdad Oculta(Segunda Temporada de Instituto De Zorras) by ambermaslow
Una Verdad Oculta(Segunda Temporad...by jennymar tablante
no siempre los finales son felices
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Adopción Inesperada (Big Time Rush) by YAMILETGUTIERREZ___
Adopción Inesperada (Big Time Rush)by Osiris Yamilet Villasana Guti...
°PROLOGO° Mi nombre es ____ tengo 12 años. Soy huérfana gracias a que mis padres murieron en un accidente de auto cuando yo tenía 9 años. No tenía contactos con otros fa...
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My Brother's Best Friend (a Logan Henderson Love Story) by chilton578
My Brother's Best Friend (a Logan...by Caroline H.
Lacey Maslow wished that she just had a normal life, a life where people aren't constantly asking about her famous big brother, James Maslow. She hates that she is const...
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Logan's little bear by Priceisrightrusher
Logan's little bearby Priceisrightrusher
Another big time rush story. Logan Henderson has been feeling lonely ever since the band broke up, so to fill the void he adopts a cute little girl that is only one year...
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Big Time Rush Imagines  by soberdown
Big Time Rush Imagines by ♡
These are a bunch of ideas/short stories I had that I was too lazy to turn into actual books. oh please enjoy
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Any Kind of Guy • Big Time Rush  by ItsTheTumblrGirl
Any Kind of Guy • Big Time Rush by ItsTheTumblrGirl
Michelle is working as the TV actress and she stays at the Palm Woods, the home of the stars. The time when the Big Time Rush - Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan met Mich...
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I love my brother's enemy //C.H by love-your-friends
I love my brother's enemy //C.Hby Island_of_Secrets
Meet Katara: younger sister of Kendall Schmidt from BTR. She's been with them every step of the way. Even now, though they're not famous anymore. What will happen when s...
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Love You Goodbye ➸ horan by shasha_horan
Love You Goodbye ➸ horanby ☁️🦄
Rachel Eve Shelton is a 22 year old girl from Ireland that lives in Los Angeles. As a kid, Rachel enjoyed singing, songwriting and acting. So when the opportunity to wor...
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Logan's little tour girl's by Priceisrightrusher
Logan's little tour girl'sby Priceisrightrusher
Another big time rush rescue story. Logan Henderson and the others are tour, and this little two year old girl is at the arena cause her parents overdosed on drugs, so s...
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Illnesses , Big Time Rush  by soberdown
Illnesses , Big Time Rush by ♡
"he likes to think that life picks the weak ones and sends the greatest tests to them." Could dying bring two people together? -very sensitive content- ©️sober...
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Marcas De Guerra (Big Time Rush) by YAMILETGUTIERREZ___
Marcas De Guerra (Big Time Rush)by Osiris Yamilet Villasana Guti...
2da Temporada de Adopción Inesperada Logró salir de un pequeño infierno, sólo para entrar a uno peor. Como del odio al amor puede haber un solo paso, de la felicidad...
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Siempre Te Amare(BTR Y TN) by ambermaslow
Siempre Te Amare(BTR Y TN)by jennymar tablante
Sipnosis hola soy tn isler tengo 20 años..soy mis universo y modelo profecional,estoy en mi ultimo año de universidad...vivo en un departamento con mi mejor amiga adrian...
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