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Logan's P.O.V.

"Wow that was amazing" I say breathing slowly as I laid next to Lucy after we just finished having sex. "Yeah it was but Logan it shouldn't have happened" Lucy says quietly as she lays her head on my chest. "Your right it shouldn't have but it's not like we've stopped ourselves every other time this has happened" I say feeling a knot of guilt in my stomach. "We can't let James or Kendrah find out we had sex or we will lose them both forever" Lucy says frantically as she sits up covering herself with the sheet on my bed. "Don't worry Lucy they won't ever know that we had sex tonight or over the last three months" I say positively as I kissed her head.

"Little late for that you lying piece of shit" I heard an angry voice say as the door slammed shut. When Lucy and I looked up, we saw James and Kendrah both glaring down at us with their arms crossed. "H-how long h-have y-you guys b-been standing t-there..." Lucy stutters nervously. "Long enough to hear you two saying you had sex" James says coolly as he scowls at us. "Ok baby I know this looks bad but just let me explain please" Lucy begs as she gets up, puts her clothes on quickly, and starts walking towards James. "Don't you dare come near me right now you slut" James says angrily as he steps back away from her.

"James don't take this out on her this is all my fault" I say as I get up putting my clothes back on as well. "Logan I would shut the hell up if I were you before I pound your face in" James says coldly as he gives me a death look. "How could you guys do this to us" Kendrah whispers as she kicks the floor with tears running down her face. "Sweetheart I know your probably pissed right now and you have a right to be, let's go somewhere private and talk please" I pleaded with her as I walked up to her and gripped her waist tightly. "I'm not going anywhere with you creep so get your filthy hands off me ugh" Kendrah says furiously as she shoves me away from her and slaps me in the face hard.

"Ok I more then deserved that" I say as I rubbed my stinging cheek. "Kendrah I am so beyond sorry I never ever meant to hurt you" Lucy says sniffling as she grabs Kendrah's arm. "Well your a little late for that and don't touch me you backstabbing bitch" Kendrah says viciously as she yanks her arm away and slaps Lucy in the face to. "Babe calm down please" I say as I walked up behind her and rubbed her shoulders. "Get your cheating hands off me asshole, I need to get out of here because looking at you two is making me sick" Kendrah says as she looks at Lucy and I with disgust and runs out slamming the door. "I have to go after her but you and I are talking when I get back" I say quietly as I walked up behind James and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Don't hold your breath on that just get out of my sight" James says breathing hard as he shoves me and walks to his bed sitting down. "Good luck sweetie" I whispered to Lucy as I kissed her cheek and ran out down the hallway to Kendrah's hotel room. When I got to her room, I saw the door open a little and Kendrah was leaning on the end of her bed in just her bra and panties breathing hard and shaking. "Baby we need to talk" I say as I shut the door locking it then walked up behind her grabbing her waist. "I have nothing to say to you so get away from me you bastard" Kendrah says coolly as she elbows me in the stomach and sits down on her bed. "Babe I know your upset but" I start to say until her menacing glare cuts me off.

"First of all don't call me that ever again and secondly upset doesn't even begin to cover how I feel right now" Kendrah says angrily as she crosses her arms and lays back on her bed. "Ok I get it your not in a talking mood right now" I say as I sit on the end of her bed. "Gee what was your first clue moron" Kendrah says sarcastically as she rolls her eyes at me. "I know something else we can do besides talk" I say in a sexy voice as I rubbed her leg. "Don't you even dare..." Kendrah goes to say as she slaps my hand off her. I just ignored her as I climbed on top of her and wrapped her legs around my waist as I smirked at her. "You look so unbelievably sexy right now baby girl" I growled in her ear as I squeezed her ass.

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