Photo shoot/Pool Beatdowns

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Kendrah's P.O.V.

The next morning, I was feeling annoyed as I got up and showered. The last thing I wanted to do was a photo shoot with that pig but unfortunately I didn't have a choice. After I finished showering, getting dressed, and doing my hair and makeup, I headed out to the living room to put my high heel boots on. "Damn girl you look hot" Lucy says smirking as she looks at me in my mini skirt and crop top.

"Thanks let's just hope that pervert keeps his hands to himself" I say scoffing as I grabbed my phone and my purse

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"Thanks let's just hope that pervert keeps his hands to himself" I say scoffing as I grabbed my phone and my purse. "Forget about him and just focus on your photo shoot ok" Lucy says as she hugs me. "I'll try see ya later" I say sighing as I hugged Lucy back then walked out of our apartment to the elevator. Just as I was about to get on the elevator, I was pushed and pinned against it by the biggest creep on the planet. "Good morning gorgeous, damn you look sexy right now" Jett says smirking as he grabbed my waist and licked his lips. "Ugh get off me you little twerp" I say coolly as I shoved Jett and slapped him hard in the face.

"Wow somebody is in a feisty mood today" Jett says cocky as he rubs his cheek. "Your going to find out how feisty I can be if you don't keep your filthy hands off me" I say angrily as I stormed past him and headed downstairs to the lobby. Just as I was about to walk out of the entrance, that stupid idiot ran after me and picked me up over his shoulder. "Put me down you asshole" I say fiercely as I punched his back. "Nah I think I'm good" Jett says winking as he carries me all the way into the studio. "Jett put me down now you dick!" I shouted as I glared at him darkly.

"Fine your wish is my command princess" Jett says as he sets me on the counter in the studio then he pecks my lips. "You bastard I hate you so much ugh" I yelled as I reared my fist back and punched him in his smug little face. "Now there's what we wanna see from this shoot, fire and passion" our producer from the show says as she walks over with the photographer. "It's easy to have when your working with a beautiful woman" Jett says winking as he puts his arm around my shoulders making me shudder a little. "Can we just get this over with please" I say annoyed as I pulled away from Jett crossing my arms.

"Sure let's get started with some make out shots, Kendrah you go lean on the locker prop and Jett is gonna pin you against it and kiss you" the producer says winking. "Ooh I like that idea" Jett says as he slaps my ass. I just gave him a look of disgust as I stormed over to the locker prop and did what the producer asked. Jett came over a few minutes later, pinned me to the locker, and started kissing me as the photographer started taking pictures. "That's great you two keep it up only Jett now pick her up and wrap her legs around your waist" the producer says.

"You heard the boss" Jett growled in my ear as he did what the producer said. "Ugh you disgust me pig" I whispered as I glared at him. "Just shut up and kiss me ice princess" Jett ordered as he kissed me passionately and squeezed my ass while the camera kept flashing at us. Once we finished all of our make out shots, we did a few of Jett and I in just our undergarments, then finally we got to our last shot of the day. I had to lay on the couch on the set semi naked with Jett also semi naked on top of me looking like we just had sex. "And that's a wrap you two great job these pictures will look amazing, your done for the day" the producer says as she dismisses us.

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