Epilogue/ Different Character P.O.V.

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If you read the title, you are probably a little confused right now, so let me clear it up for you.  Most of you voted for the Epilogue and Different Character P.O.V. options from the Q and A, which made it really hard for me to decide, so I thought "why not combine them"? 

This update takes place a few days after the final chapter. I think that's about it. I hope you all like this weird creation I came up with. Enjoy!

Core's P.O.V.

I stand in the middle of the clearing in my domain, surveying the jungle setting around me.

I clap my hands once, and the scene around me morphs until I'm standing on a beach, a vast ocean stretching out before me as the sun sets.

 I shake my head, clapping my hands again and watching the area change into a forest, but not the jungle type. This one is filled with coniferous trees, snow coating their bristles. A rabbit bounds over my foot, and I glare down at it, sighing as I clap my hands once more.

This time I'm on a cloud, floating high above the earth. Wind rips at my suit from my high altitude, and I growl, bringing my hands together one last time.

I'm standing in the middle of the clearing, the jungle trees surrounding me and waterfall only a few yards away. Right back where I started.

I huff, but decide to keep the setting. It's growing on me.

I wave my hand, summoning a single white armchair which I lower myself into, crossing one of my legs over the other.

"I think it's about time I check in." I say out loud to myself, snapping my fingers. 

The white mist gathers in front of me, forming a huge square shape, and then the image appears.

Becky's P.O.V.

My hand reaches out towards the door, then pauses. I retract my hand, before reaching out again, only for my other hand to come up and snatch my wrist, halting my hand in it's movements for the door.

I growl, turning on my heel and pacing the hallway in an internal war with myself.

Open it...don't open it....open it...don't-

Suddenly the door slides open, and I don't have to decide any more because he comes strolling out, shirtless with only knee-length shorts on, his blonde curls in a mess on top of his head as he runs a hand through it.

He pauses inside the door frame when he sees it's me, his electric blue eyes widening.

"Would it kill you to wear a shirt?" I finally break the silence, not knowing what else to say.

His eyes darken, and he fully steps out of the room, the door sliding closed behind him as he starts to stride down the hallway, ignoring me.

I flinch, turning to watch him go.

Okay...that hurt.

Max has never ignored me, not once. In fact, he usually acts like a love-sick puppy, hanging off my every word and action. The fight we had yesterday must have really gotten to him. 

I think back to our argument, trying to  remember what went wrong.

"Give me the banana, Max." I growl, holding my hand out.

He smiles, holding the banana closer to his chest and shaking his head. "Nope! it reminds me too much of you to let it go to waste."

"I should have never told you about the time my name was confused with banana." I mutter, glowering, before taking another step forward. "It's not going to waste, I'm going to eat it. Now give it!"

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