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New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
Name Pending Moderation by Catacomb-death
Name Pending Moderationby Catacomb-death
A collection of kinky fucked up short stories. And I do mean fucked up. Please leave if you don't like this kind of stuff, trigger warnings will be in the titles (if yo...
Primal Cabin "Run Bunny" Part 1 by DaintyLittleAlpha
Primal Cabin "Run Bunny" Part 1by DaintyLittleAlpha
We took a trip to the cabin in the woods, like we did every weekend. Suddenly he rolled to a stop on the dirt road, unbuckled me and opened the door.... "Run Bunny...
Salvatorre Vol. II (UNDER REVISION)  by saraitaspv
Salvatorre Vol. II (UNDER Sarah
DISCLAIMER: This is a ROUGH DRAFT of vol. 2 in the series No!" I pushed him, "You call me immature yet you and my father cant even do anything with one anothe...
You Made Me A Monster {Naruto Fanfiction} by Delta_Winchester
You Made Me A Monster {Naruto Delta Winchester
Naruto was more than anyone bargained for. He wasn't an idiot. He definitely wasn't weak. No, He was stronger and smarter than them all. The villagers scarred his very...
Unfit For Survival (Ark Fanfic.) by FatedToBeAlone
Unfit For Survival (Ark Fanfic.)by Artemis
If this is the apocalypse, I'd rather have zombies over dinosaurs. Or would I? Stuck on an island that looked like it hadn't been touch by anyone ever, I find myself alo...
The Great Journey by Illegallegend
The Great Journeyby J J Baines
Earth is dying. Escaping across the galaxy, members of Guild Seventeen look for a fresh start. Crash landing on their new home planet, most of the Guild members perish...
alfa fuar by ejherrington
alfa fuarby ej
All werewolves were created by God bound by their mate bonds. Two halves become one, their mate created for them to love and be loved by. A mate. The other half of their...
My Guardian Angels (Beast Wars Fanfiction) by DreamPrincess2591
My Guardian Angels (Beast Wars DreamPrincess2591
Since she was four years old, Hallie Thorne loved baseball. She was a natural pitcher and batter. Every day, she'd practice throwing tennis balls at target markers and s...
Tales of Beasts by Raev3n
Tales of Beastsby Raeven Andrews
A collection of erotic furry/beastiality stories.
The Alpha's Queen Mate by Throwaway_42
The Alpha's Queen Mateby Throwaway_42
Josie has never had a lot in life, she is always everyone's second choice. But when someone falls ill and gives up their ticket to the Alpha King's ball, will she finall...
primal loud. by sliverdagger
primal @silverdagger
after having their tribe destroyed, lincoln and ronnie anne, and lincoln's siblings and their female friends are the only survivors to a t-rex pack attack. but as they...
Pokemon X and Y : A New Trainer Adventure by Heroman23
Pokemon X and Y : A New Trainer Heroman23
Pokemon. The mysterious creatures that are around the world. People and Pokemon live together. Some live alone and some just live in the wild. We meet a trainer named Na...
Fleurette  by taytayswindling
Fleurette by T.L.S.
She was his. His mate. His little flower. His Fleurette.
Regular Show - Primal (ON HOLD) by NemoLZ
Regular Show - Primal (ON HOLD)by Carmen
Rigby Starts to feel his Raccoon instincts take over, and he tries to hide it and stop it himself. I DO NOT own Regular Show. EVERYTHING belongs to the RIGHTFUL OWNERS.
The Insurgent and Renegade Pokemon by SpeedingBolt
The Insurgent and Renegade Pokemonby SpeedingBolt
Arceus, the Insurgent Pokemon. At the beginning of time, it defeated Giratina to become the ruler of the universe. Giratina, the Renegade Pokemon. An extremely ancient P...
Ancestral Instincts by CrimsonSkitty
Ancestral Instinctsby CrimsonSkitty
Long ago,when Remnant was in its infancy,there were creatures that lived before humans were introduced. They,at the time,were called Fauna Sapiens,the ancestors of faunu...