7. Woah, Superman

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      I sit on the cot, glaring at the hulk of a man sitting in the corner, eyes staring at the down.

       I have not forgiven him yet for smashing my key card to bits and trapping me in here. He knows I'm upset with him, but I don't think he understands why I'm upset with him. 

Oh ho ho, If only I could tell him. I may not be that similar to my father, but one thing I've picked up from him is how to give a long, painfully dull lecture.

      Now Zero sulks in the corner, staring at me and trying to catch my gaze, which I stubbornly ignore.  Sighing, I lean my head back against the wall the cot is up against and close my eyes.

Nothing to do now but wait.

And that's what I do.

The curtains that cover the huge glass wall are open, revealing the main downstairs lobby and the digital clock that sits on one of the tables, conveniently facing the cell. I wait patiently for someone to come, checking the time every now and then as it keeps ticking by.

Before I know it, an hour has passed, and still no sign of anyone. Where are they?

I try hard to remember the schedule of Braun lab when it was pulled up on my desktop computer, but recall there were no special meetings or experiments taking place today.

You'd think they would check up on their precious experiment every once in a while at the very least, so what's the hold up?

     I huff in annoyance, standing and stretching before pacing the room. Zero starts to stand too, but one glare from me and he's back on the ground. 

Suddenly there's a clicking sound, I whirl to face the huge metal door, where a rectangular opening that wasn't there before suddenly appears.

Sitting in the opening is what appears to be a plastic cup of water, and I furrow my eyebrows looking at the glass wall and still not seeing anyone out in the lobby.

Could it be this room is set to give Zero timed meals and drinks? That way the Scientists wouldn't have to be downstairs in order to feed him, which seems actually really convenient.

I approach the door, taking the cup and trying to peer out the opening, but the second the weight of the cup is removed the opening snaps shut, making me jolt.

Shaking my head, I turn to Zero, who perks up when he sees my attention on him, and I hold the cup out to him. Embarrassingly, at that very second my stomach decides to let out a huge gurgle,and I cruse myself for not eating breakfast before coming to Braun lab.

I offer the cup to Zero again, but he shakes his head, waving his hand as if saying for me to drink it. Could it be he's worried  since heard my stomach growl? 

Hate to break it to ya Zero, but water isn't going to cut it in relieving my hunger.

Of course he wouldn't understand that, so I attempt one more time to give it to him, taking a step closer, but he glowers and I sigh. This won't get me anywhere.

I lift the cup to  my face, taking a sniff, but not detecting any scent. Doesn't have a scent, and appears to be completely clear, it's most likely and hopefully water.

I take a small sip, and exhale in relief when I don't taste anything strange, before continuing to drink the rest of it, hoping it'll parch my semi-dry throat.

Oddly enough, it only seems to make my mouth and throat drier, and I stare at the cup in confusion, before shaking my head. I must have been more dehydrated than I thought.

I walk over to the sink, placing the cup down and turning the water on, letting it run for a few seconds while trying to decide if it's clean enough to drink or not.

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