19. Anger That's Not My Own

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      The next few minutes are a blur of activity, in which I'm ushered into the exam room. Without my permission, a needle is stuck into my arm, a calming drug immediately filling my senses.  I don't even feel it when they put me into the giant machine.

    Twenty excruciating minutes later, I'm free and seething. The drug has worn off, so when two guards not so gently lower me back into my wheelchair, I spit out a few curses.

      This was five minutes ago. I'm currently wheeling through the hallway, a nurse and two guards on my tail.

    "Where is he?!" I shout, going up and down the hallway.

      "Ma'am, please calm down. Your father is very busy, and is studying your file as we speak."

      "Take me to him." I demand, leaving no room for argument.

       With a heavy sigh, the nurse jogs to catch up behind me and grabs a hold of the chairs handles, pushing me further down the hallway and to the left. We pass a few doors, before finally stopping in front of one. The nurse knocks hesitantly, and we wait a few moments in silence.

   The door opens and Dr. James, a scientist I vaguely know, stand there, surprise coating his fingers at our appearance. I don't give him a chance to speak before wheeling myself into the room, Dr. James jumping back to avoid his feet being crushed by the wheels. I see my dad there, sitting at a table, photos of my x-rays spread out before him along with a few reports.

    I shiver when glancing at the pictures. It's really creepy to see those ghostly pictures and know it's you in them.

    When he sees the expression on my face, he turns to Dr. James, giving him a polite, but strained smile. "Thank you Doctor for your help. You may leave now."

    Dr. James hesitates, obviously sensing the tension between his boss and daughter, but the second I turn my scowl on him he's out the door, faster than a blink. The door shuts, leaving just Dad and I.

    For a few seconds, we have an intense stare down,  before his gaze falters and his eyes avert back to his papers.

    Unable to keep quiet, I explode. "What the Hell was that?"

    "Ashley! Watch your mouth!" He fires right back.

    "I'll watch my mouth when you start explaining!" I say, wheeling over to it, when suddenly the wheel jams itself and it takes a few tugs to get it rolling again. "Dammit! Why do I need this stupid wheelchair anyway?"

    "Because you're back was severely injured, and if you say one more inadequate word I'll wash your mouth out with soap."

     "Argh!" I scream, my hands raising in the air as fists. I feel like punching something. What is wrong with me? Why am I so angry?

    "Ashley! You need to calm down! Ashley!" I distantly hear, but all I see is red.

    "Dr. James! Get the doctor!"

    What? I don't need a doctor, I need.........Zero. He's causing this anger, he has to be. Through the connection, I must be feeling his emotions, but why is he so angry?

    "Ashley! Say something!" Is that Peter? Why is he here?

    "Zero." I manage to gasp, before my fist suddenly shoots out, making contact with someone in front.

     "Ack!" I hear Peter shout.

      "Sorry." I manage to breathe, grabbing a hold of my chairs armrests so I don't do something rash again "I need...to see......Zero!" I say, screaming at the end.

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