15. Crashing The Party

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       "What do you want?" I snap, disgust dripping from my voice.

         Sylvia walks closer, perching on the seat across from me.

        "You're missing a great party, Ashley. What's the problem?" She asks with her always present smirk on her face.

       "I don't feel like playing your insane games, Sylvia. So just leave." I sigh.

      "Is this about Zero? It's not my fault. Someone needed to be his escort to the party, and since you bailed, I thought I would volunteer. No hard feelings, right?" She taunts, and I'm so sick of her fake sweet voice.

      "Go away." I grind out, putting my head back into my hands. A massive headache is starting to form, and the cause of it is sitting only a few feet away.

      "Did you know Zero can talk? Imagine if that information got into Mrs. Clark's hands."

     My head snaps up, my eyes widening. "How did you find out?" I whisper, horror leaking through me.

      "Zero tends to tell the ones he trusts lots of valuable information, and since his little precious Ashley left him, I was the only one there to turn too." She says, a sympathetic pout on her lips. My breathing comes quicker with my building rage, darkness tinting the edges of my vision.

     "No. Zero wouldn't do that. You don't know what you're saying."

     "I don't? It sure didn't seem like that when Zero and I were having a lovely chat....among other things." I clench my fists together, battling my conscious which is screaming at me to jump at her.

     "If you say one word about it to Mrs. Clark..... ." I grit out through clenched teeth.

      "Too late. I already have."

      My self restraint snaps and I jump up, ready to lunge at her, only for her to suddenly disappear.

Yes I said disappear, as in turn invisible and out of sight in just a split second.

 I feel my eyes widen in shock as I look around wildly only to see Sylvia leaning against the rail, looking amused.

 "How- how did you do that?" I stammer, wondering if I'm crazy or under a much heavier alcohol influence then I thought.

  "Do what? I've been here this entire time."

   "No, you were in the chair-"

  "Who's the insane one now, Ashley?"

       Just like that I'm taking a threatening towards her again, and like the last time, she disappears. I rush to the rail where she was a second ago, looking down into the pitch black water. Slowly, already expecting what I'm about to see, I turn around to find Sylvia sitting cross-legged on the floor, picking at her nails.

      "What are you?" I ask, because there's no possible way she could move that fast.

       "I'm Sylvia, duh." She says, rolling her eyes. Suddenly, two other Sylvia's pop into existence. The first one is the same chair I was just sitting in. The other one stands behind her, braiding her hair.

 I stop breathing for a second, glancing between all three Sylvia's.

And I thought one Sylvia was a nightmare.

 "What's wrong, Ashley? Speechless?" The Sylvia sitting on the chair asks.

      "Don't be so dramatic. This is no big deal compared to the High Commander." The braiding Sylvia says with an eye roll bored look.

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