Bonus Character Interview 3

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Hey, it's me again! This interview is dedicated to @HLDaishot for all the questions she asked my characters that they didn't get to answer because I finished writing and publishing the interview before I saw the questions. I apologize, and decided to write another interview, just based on your questions, so I hope you enjoy! Sorry again for not seeing the questions sooner!

(all the characters sit around in a circle, waiting to be asked their questions as Dangerosutoken sits in the circle with her laptop, reading the questions.)

This one is for Zero: Are you jealous of Lager for being close with Ashley? Do you plan on claiming Ashley so that Lager can't make a move?

(Everyone's eyes immediately land on Zero, and Zero shifts in his seat, uncomfortable with the intense focus on him. There's a low rumble of warning coming from Lager's chest, who then shifts closer to where he's siting next to Ashley.)

"Well in all honesty yes, I am extremely jealous of Lager at this moment." He says, connecting eyes with Ashley's across the circle. "I used to be the man she turned to and called her greatest friend, and now I feel as if the Darkling has taken it all away from me."

"You did that to yourself." Ashley reminds, a slight tinge of pain in her eyes, and Zero swallows, nodding.

"As for the second question, I have already created a fake bond with Ashley, that has claimed her far deeper than I ever wanted it to. It even almost claimed her death. I want to have Ashley all to myself, but I will not push her to her own death even if Lager is being pesky."

Ashley shifts uncomfortably at his last sentence, not being able to meet anyone's eyes as she flushes a bright red in embarrassment.

Okay, the Next questions are for Ashley! @HLDaishot says hello and wants you to know that she loves seeing you with Lager! (Ashley smiles softly, another wave of embarrassment washing over her).  She wants to know who's the better friend, Zero or Lager? She also wants to know if you have a crush on Lager.

All attention goes to Ashley, who clears her throat and speaks up, glancing at the fourth wall.

"Hi, @HLDaishot! That's a very hard question, because Zero used to be my best friend on Braun island, but now I feel as if Lager has my back more on Dalton. It's kind of like being in the middle of the game tug of war. As for the crush question I...." She glances at Lager, who's sitting upright in his chair and looking at her with bright eyes. "...can't answer that right now." She flushes, shoulders slumping from the strain of nearly forcing what she wanted to say out, but then holding it in at the last second.

This message is for Mrs. Clark, (Dangeroustoken reads) Have you ever been laid?

"Many times back in my day." Mrs. Clark smirks and interrupts, while everyone in the circle shudders in revulsion. 

Who is your husband?

"A scumbag who I only see three times a year, but he gives me the money I need for my things so I deal with him. Out of our matrimony, he was the lucky one to be married to someone as gorgeous and intelligent as me, but I got the short stick. He may be a millionaire in the business industry, but he certainly hit a few ugly branches on the way down from falling off a tree, or however that expression goes." Mrs. Clark sighs, looking around as if people would give her pity, but instead they all shake their head with disgust. 

Peter! The next ones are for you (Dangeroustoken moves on) She wants you to know she hates you for what you did to Ashley, but still wants to ask you questions. Do you have a crush on Ashley? And if you do, why put her in danger?

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