Christmas With A Cripple

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Experiment Zero character content inside this update!

Hey, guys! Dangeroustoken here! The first chapter of Christmas With A Cripple is up, so go check it out if your looking for a cliche romance book to warm you up for the holidays. I know I am, and would be grateful if you could give me any suggestions.

I would also like to say I'm sorry, because I won't be updating Experiment Zero for a few weeks, due to the fact why I want to start posting a chapter of Christmas with a Cripple every day of December.

Lager walks into the room, sees Dangeroustoken sitting at a table with laptop in front of her and slowly tried to back out.

"Lager! Say hi to the readers! They stuck through reading this annoying authors note just so they could read about you."

Lager pauses, contemplating, before strolling back into the room, smirk on his face.

"Of course they did. I wouldn't expect otherwise."

Dangeroustoken rolls her eyes. "He's always so full of himself."

"Am not!" He argues, crossing his arms.

"Am not what?" A female voice calls from the hallway, before Ashley casually walks into the room, sipping a peppermint frappe.

Dangeroustoken smiles. "Ashley! My shining star! How are you? Do you need another drink? Or perhaps a foot rub? I'm sure Peter would be up for the job."

Ashley shifts uncomfortably while Lager scowls darkly.

"No way is that two-timing traitor coming anywhere near her!" He snarls. "And how come Ashley gets all the special treatment?"

"She's the main character." Dangeroustoken says in a duh tone.

"I mean Ashley is a fantastic main character and all, but we all know I'm the one who's bringing in the views, no offense Ashley, you're amazing and I worship the very ground you walk on." Lager says, looking at Ashley.

Ashley gives Lager a weird look, forehead crunching up in confusion.

"Whoops, did I say that last part out loud?" Lager asks, not seeming apologetic about it at all.

Dangeroustoken looks down at her watch and sighs, looking back up.

"It's almost time for Zero to make an appearance. Which means you have to leave Lager."

Lagers eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets.

"Zero?!!! Why is he here? And why do I have to leave?"

"He's here because some readers want him here, just like they want you here! And we both know you'll tear each other apart if you're in the same room."

"I would feel insulted if you expected anything less. And even though that bastard deserves to get ripped apart, I'll leave, but only if I can take Ashley out of here, pronto."

Ashley opens her mouth to say something, but is cut off by Dangeroustoken.

"That would be wise. Don't want her fainting or in pain again. She's suffered enough in the book so far already, and there's only more to come. Leave now, before he gets here."

Lager doesn't waste any time and grabs Ashley before she can protest, his arms wrapping around her as his cap swirls around them.before they disappear in a blend of darkness.

The second the shadows diffuse, Zero walks through the door, or more like lumbers, his huge body barely making it through the door frame.

"Hello, Zero. Been a long time." Dangeroustoken says calmly, and Zero grunts in greeting. "Now let's get down to business. Many of my readers want you dead, in fact some have expressed very graphic ways of torturing you." Zero turns slightly pale at this. "So maybe try not to make them hate you more in this short time."

"No would be a good time to have Lager's charm." He mutters, scowling, and then he paused yearning and confusing flashing on his face. "Ashley was in here."

"Yes, she was here a few seconds ago. Tell me Zero, I'm sure my readers are all dying to know, why won't you cut the bond with Ashley? You must know it's hurting her."

Pain flashes across his face and he takes a deep, ragged breath.

"I can't." He says, his face contorting as he forces the words through gritted teeth.

"But why?" Dangeroustoken pushes. "I mean I already know, but my readers don't. Make it harder for them to kill you and give them what they want to hear.....the truth."

"I-I....." Zero shudders, his hands rolling into clenched fists. "......can't." He finishes weakly, and Dangeroustoken frowns in disappointment.

"Oh well, I guess we'll have to save this reveal for an actual chapter. Goodbye, Zero, until next chapter."

She presses a button on her laptop and Zero disappears, eyes on the ground in shame and sadness.

Dear readers, hope you enjoyed this short tidbit! Remember  to check out Christmas with  a cripple and also if your are in need of a book cover check out the profile listed in all the summaries of my books. This profile has designed all my covers and will happily design yours, she's amazing at it. I hope you enjoyed, and I'm sorry about not being able to update for a while. Lots of love,


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