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Hey, before we begin the Q and A, I just wanted to say that if you take the time to read this, at the end there is a survey where you get to pick the bonus chapter I do. So stick around! XD. Now let's dive into things.

Dangeroustoken, hello. I am Becky...just Becky, and I will be interviewing you today.

Hello Becky! Great to see you again! I haven't heard from you since last update!

Yes, the update you made me cry in! Don't think I haven't gotten over that!

(Winces) I'm sorry, okay? People love it when an emotionless character shows emotion! You did great!

(Rolls eyes) Of course I did, I'm Becky. Now on with the interview. I think we should just address the elephant in the room and talk about the sequel. Do you plan on writing one?


You sound a little hesitant. (Becky calls Dangeroustoken out on it)

(Sighs) Well of course I'll write a sequel, I basically already promised it, but there's also a lot of other things to do. For example, editing the first book because the first thirty chapters are terrible. I also wanted to start another book while I was at it after making edits. Then there's the issue of a plot. 

What's the issue with the plot?

A little fun fact, Experiment Zero was written without a plan or plot. The idea popped into my head one day so I just shrugged and decided to roll with it. How was I supposed to know that people would start reading it and it would actually require a plot!?!? All of the chapters in this book have been written off the top of my head without any strategy or knowledge for what was going to come next, which is why there are some major plot holes. I was hoping editing could fix it.

So what does this exactly have to do with the sequel?

Well I have no plan for the sequel either, so I'm worried it might be just as bad as the first book. 

Pssh, I never worry about anything. You should become more like me.

(Stares flatly at Becky) I always have to remind myself that I created you this way, not try not to strangle you for it. 

(Smiles wickedly) Let's be honest, Dangeroustoken. I'm your money-maker. Without me, your book would be nothing.

Oof, you have me their, anyway, can we please get back to the interview?

Fine fine, but only because I want to, and not because you told me. When do you plan on writing the sequel?

After I've finished editing.

When do you plan on finishing your editing?

......Sometime...in the near....future? Honestly I may just start the sequel and then edit Experiment Zero whenever I feel like it or am bored. I don't like editing as much as I like writing. It's such a drag to re-read the same stuff you jsut wrote down a few minutes ago! Although the first chapters of Experiment Zero should be interesting since I totally forgot what I wrote in them. XD

(says sarcastically)Wow, Dangeroustoken, you sound like such an organized person. I'm sure any agent or publishing company would be delighted to have you write for them.

Was that sarcasm......you know what, I'm not going to pretend to ask you that, I know its sarcasm, because I was literally the one to write down that you say is sarcastically. But yes, when it comes to writing, I much prefer to just go with the flow. That's when all my best ideas come sadly. In real life, I am the complete opposite of a "go with the flow" girl. In fact, I've been told many, many times that I worry too much.....from my mom. Love you mom!

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