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      Now I know this is long over due, and we are much over the 5k Mark, but please accept this Zero's p.o.v chapter. Thank you so much for reading!!

      Zero's p.o.v:

      The door opens, and I slowly turn my head, hoping with all my might that Ashley will be standing there. Disappointment floods me when I see Mrs. Clark's smirk.

     I turn my back to her, not interested in what she has to say. Not when I need to talk to Ashley, to explain myself and the murderous rampage I went on, that also affected her.

      "I've finally done it." She announces.

     At her words I tense up, knowing exactly what she's talking about but not wanting to believe it.

     "After all these weeks, I've finally managed to convince that stubborn Dr. Cartwright to take us to the island."

      A terrible head ache starts to form, and dread seeps into me. For the past few weeks, Mrs. Clark has been jabbering about her great plan to go to the island while conducting different tests on me. It's a grave mistake, and a terrible idea I didn't bother putting a stop too because I thought it would go nowhere. Clearly, I was wrong and some humans are stupider than they look.

     Then a thought crosses my mind. What if Ashley 's going?

     Panic enters me as I stand up in a flash, hands running through my hair and tugging.

     No!!! I'm fine with the other idiots dying, but I won't let Ashley step foot in my home, where danger lurks around every corner. Just the thought of her on that island makes me feel nausea, which is unique since I have such a superior immune system I don't get sick.

I  Turn to Mrs. Clark, prepared to launch myself at her and demand more information, but with an evil chuckle, she sweeps out of the room and closes the door, the light turning off.


I run to the glass and pound a fist against it, demanding for someone, anyone to check up on me or at least open the door so I can escape. 

I need to warn Ashley. She can't go to the island! The things there.......I will not put her in harm's way.

I let out a roar, and finally think up an idea. I smack my forehead in exasperation, surprised I didn't think of this sooner.

Gathering my wits, I search through my mind, before finally finding the bond that connects Ashley and I.


I yell it down the bond, and even feel the link between us tremble with my desperation.

I wait a few seconds, preparing myself to yell down the bond again, but a timid voice suddenly cuts through my head, and relief swells inside me.


Ashley! You can't go to the island!

I feel her confusion through the bond, and can almost picture her cute face scrunching up.

How did you know about that?

Doesn't matter, you're not going!

You can't tell me what to do! I can go if I want to go!

Over My Dead Body!!! I snarl.

I'm done talking, Zero. I have to protect my dad. Goodnight.

Ashley! Don't go!

I feel the bond between us weaken, and realize she blocked me out of her head.

Rage consumes me, and I punch the wall. Dammit!

How can I protect Ashley, and keep her from going, if I can't even get out of this stupid cell?

Hang in there Ashley. I'll make sure you never even see that island.

There you have it, another Zero p.o.v. Sorry If I have been distant lately, I've been thinking of another book idea that has been consuming my thoughts. it has way more action, romance and adventure than even this book. Once published, I hope you guys will give it a try.

Lots of love,



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